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I have been thinking about this for ages and felt it was time to share my thoughts.

I know the current "trend" seems to be video marketing where you add a video so people can see you talking and all that stuff. However, I also see a lot of threads that have almost only the video and nothing else.

I personally prefer to read about things so I can read and digest at my own pace and I am sure there are many other warriors who would prefer the same thing. This also happens with WSOs. Honestly, they tend to make me click out of them if all I see is a video. I wonder how many sales people lose because of this.

Maybe I am old fashioned in my belief but maybe this will fall on some smart ears too...up to you. Thank you for reading.
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    You're not alone. I prefer to read as well especially when I'm listening to music from my ipad. I too, do video marketing with my squeeze pages but I always offer a pdf transcript to download as well. This serves two purposes: First, just in case the video fails to load then there's a fallback. Second, I make it easier to a much bigger crowd such as you and I.
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    When I click and only see video I jump away as fast as I can

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    People tend to promote things using the methods that they like. This is often the kiss of death because, as you say, you like text and so do many others. And then there's well-done audio. Personally, I think video is way overrated. But I'll still use video if the target market suggests I should.

    The problem with most videos is they suck. Video, writing text, and audio are all art forms. Well, doing them properly is an art form. Video is easy to create. Many would-be marketers feel it's easier to throw up a video so they sit in front of a camera picking their nose and rambling on without ever making a real point and think they've accomplished something. Kinda like a spun article only acted out.

    Creating good video is very much like writing good content or copy but you'd never know it by some of the crap floating around out there. I'll rarely click on a video unless I know who created it. And if it starts automatically, I'm usually gone instantly.

    Many of these video fanatics are the same people who come here and start threads like, :I did everything the gurus told me and still failed." So it goes...
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    I agree that offering transcripts and videos are fine. It is just when videos are the only option that it peeves me a lot.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
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