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I was considering getting a webhost reseller account.
But I am having trouble grasping diskspace and bandwidth and how to allocate.

If you go HG the gold package gives 160gb diskspace and 1200gb bandwidth.

How do you figure what is a good amount per customer for each to make it worthwhile for them to purchase.

How do you figure how much space a site will need. For example, a basic wordpress blog will probably need about 1gb of space, but how much bandwidth for how many visitors

And how much more would someone need if they are going heavy on videos.

I have tried to find these answers and all I get is "every site is different".

Thank You
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    Every site is different, but a Wordpress site does not need 1 Gig, not even close. It's nice to have more space if you need it, but most people try to make their sites as small and fast loading as possible so you really won't have a problem.

    Do some research, see what others are offering as far as space and bandwidth and then make your packages competitive. If you have enough clients to tax your current resources, then you'll be in a position to upgrade or get another account.
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    WordPress is 4.3 megabytes in size; a WordPress blog doesn't need a gigabyte of space. That's enough space for them to upload over 5,000 wallpaper-size images.
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