What having a number 1 app in Itunes taught me about internet marketing....

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What I learned from being #1 sounds like a total arrogant opener doesn't it? I don't intended it to be. I guess I never thought I would learn as much from my successes as my failure, but I have.

Since Happy To Survive Magazine has been so successful in Itunes I often get a lot of questions like "What have you learned about making money with apps?" & "What works really well for you in conversion rates?"

So I am trying to post some of those frequent questions I get and the answers.

Mainly, because so many people have been such a big help with my magazine that I really want to give back I want to see the success of you guys....(other WF members.)

The biggest thing I learned from being #1 in my section, breaking into the top 100 total apps, and being featured every single week in the what's hot section is what I can come to expect in sales.

For our magazine we quickly learned that JVs and affiliates are still the best way to make money even though the magazine sales pay. JVs and affiliates still pay more and we have found some really special affiliates. Sure we had some really big sponsors come right out of the gate, but they were sporadic and I needed something that would stand the test of time.

So I started to research ads that would pay me through an affiliate but that looked really polished as a national company. Lastly, I wanted products that would appeal to the masses and I wanted to companies that represented themselves well because I wanted higher conversions which would mean more sales for me.

I liked the ideas of network marketing companies because it gave me the ability to sell a product then make a commission off of it and it also gave the audience the ability to do the same. So they would want to sell it. This is where I began to research.

I settled on Solavei and Quivana. Quivana is a health products company and Solavei is a phone company on the T-mobile network that has a $49 no contract deal for unlimited service that pays you for every person that signs up underneath you. It has been very good for my family since anybody can bring their phone over.

The best thing about Solavei is that you have to sign up underneath somebody. It is awesome because your audience can't go and buy it somewhere else they have to buy it from you. Frequently, companies will give you and affiliate link but then if viewers look on the company website they will still be able to buy on the company website without you. Solavei doesn't allow them to do that. So your viewers of your website have to go through you and you will profit from it.

These are the types of ads that I would recommend you look for. Find one like this that works for your website or device.

People will tell me that they worked very hard on sponsorship and that hasn't happened for them. So try to find a company like Solavei that is a general product that appeals to your marketplace.

I would recommend that you find a company with a single page sign up where they personally create your own affiliate page and link. This way you can have the add convert and make sales for you. Watch the YouTube Video for all the information

See what you want it the ability to focus on what you want. For me I just want to focus on publishing and promoting the magazine. So an affiliate program like this allows me to do that and it pays me. I need to be paid to keep my magazine moving.

So I hope that helps in what has worked for me. And I have had a ton of success because of these products and what I have learned in the Warrior Forum.
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