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Hello everyone,

I'm looking to create an email autoresponse for when I'm gone during Labor Day weekend, but I need some help, because I'm not sure Outlook Express is the best way to go about this (I've heard that I'll need to leave my computer on if I want an autoresponse to be sent when I get an email from someone).

(a) Do you recommend a different solution (Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.)?
(b) Is that correct about Outlook Express (computer must be on)?
(c) Any other tips/ideas?

As affiliate manager at, I get several emails/day for customer service, affiliate service, JV proposals, etc., and I want to be able to instantly point people in the right direction while I'm gone so that people don't have to wait up to 3 days, or so, for a reply.

I usually take my laptop with me when I go away, but I wanted to prove to my wife and kids that I can TRULY devote 100% of my attention to them without "checking email" for at least a few days. :-)

Thanks for your help!

Warmest regards,

Andy Hussong
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    Hi Andy,

    Do you mean like a vacation autoresponse?

    In Gmail this is how you do it,

    Go to Settings>General then Vacation Response select "On".

    Then just enter your vacation message on the box.

    Anybody emailing you on that address with vacation mode will receive your away message.
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      Yeah, you won't need to leave your computer on while you're away. Most email accounts offer some autoresponse feature.
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        He mentioned only mail readers that are loaded on his PC, so the answer to his question is yes, you will need to leave your computer on if your using Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc. You would want to find the option in your program that sets up your away/out of office message.
        Now if you have an online email account like Gmail, Yahoo mail, MSN,AOL, etc,etc,then the other above answers might apply.
        Hope this helps,

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          Or you could login to your email account online, depending on the server, and your access level. And setup an autoresponse and or forward feature.

          For instance, you could have your web admin setup a forward to a gmail account if you want, so that if need be you can check all your mail throught gmail while you are away, but at the same time leaving a copy on your server, so it can be downloaded to your PC when you return to work.


          Kelvin Brown

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