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Hi all - i'm new to this site as of today so forgive if it's in wrong section. ANYWHO - i have a question about an ebay fraud buyer. I recently sold a macbook pro in perfect used condition. The buyer filed a disbute saying "item not as described" saying the laptop wasnt in the box & it was just radom stuff. SO whatever blah blah I said screw you send the laptop back & i'll refund you in full. So she did supposedly but it's been 12 days & I havent received it yet!! What the heck. What can I do?? I feel like I've just been jipped off almost 1,200$ theres got to be something I can do! I have perfect ebay feedback!! :confused:
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    So...you sent the money back before receiving the laptop? :rolleyes:
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    Unfortunately with eBays rule changes that greatly favor buyers, fraudsters are finding it easier to take advantage.
    Anything over $250 should have a sig confirmation to insure that you are covered by Paypal, if you refunded before receiving the return you may be out of luck.
    Have you contacted Paypal?
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    If you have refunded before receiving then you have to contact ebay for help, otherwise wait till you receive before sending the refund.
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      My husband is a power seller on eBay and he just got his first negative feedback the other day even though it was the buyer's fault. Anyway, it sucks! I can totally relate. But it happens to everyone sooner or later.

      Did you refund the money before you got the item back? Never ever do that. Especially when you have an item worth so much. Have you contacted eBay support? They've always been really helpful when my husband has a problem.

      Good luck!,
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        It has been a while since your post so this was possibly already resolved. If you still haven't received your laptop back, ask her for tracking number. Whatever you do, do not refund the money until you have your laptop back. If you shipped it to her at the post office, you should have receipt with weight on it. If she ships back something other than your laptop, maybe you can use that as proof that she returned something else when dealing with PayPal.

        I wouldn't worry about perfect feedback at this point. I would worry more about keeping the money or getting your laptop back.
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    yes contact eBay. You have to wait to refund until after you get it back.
    make sure that you have tracking on everything you send out
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