Amazon affiliate or others?

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What would you choose?

Be amazon affiliate and get 4-6% per sale?


Some other affiliate network with lower comission (2-3%) but more sales?
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    Do you really think you'll get more sales as an affiliate with something other than amazon? I ask simply because amazon is perhaps the best known company on the internet, as far as a place to buy things, and amazon sells just about anything you can imagine. People trust amazon. What company is trusted more than amazon and pays only 2 percent?
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    I'll go with an affiliate network that pays good money and also has product that I know I can sell easily.
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    I think Amazon is one of the companies that offer the lowest commission rates. But, in spite of that, you can make some serious money with it. I sell items that are sold for $15 - $20 a piece, and I still make $500 a month from that one site. The rate climbs up to 8% because of the number of sales.

    And this has to do with, as godinu said, the fact that people trust Amazon. I would go with Amazon first, but I would test other programs as well.

    If other affiliate programs perform better, then yes, I would use the one that makes me the most money... logically.
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    Actually I have just qualified for receiving commissions from Amazon as an affiliate, as I am from Egypt, and I think that a fortune is waiting for me working as an Amazon affiliate, I hope I am not wrong. I always thought Amazon is the best.
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    If a company pays me 30-50% but half or one fourth of amazon sales, then it makes sense. I don't think any company can get you more sales than amazon.

    If they only pay 2% then they better be selling something worth 1-5k at least.
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    Choosing between a world-wide known company and a few unknown companies shouldn't be hard.
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    If i have two affiliate programs then i would go for two.
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    It depends what you are promoting. Other affiliate companies often have longer cookies than Amazon also which is an advantage. But for an overall wide range of physical products then I can't see what is better than Amazon.

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    My answer:

    "Some other affiliate network with lower comission (2-3%) but more sales?"
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    what do you do if you happen to live in a state
    that Amazon froze out because the state decided
    to charge sales tax on Amazon sales?

    Is there a work around?
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