Microworkers.com-How much?

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How much have you made in total working for Microworkers?
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    Well, I have made 30$ or so, but I prefer the Mechanizal turk, if you like those kind of sweat shops.

    If I were you, I'd shift to freelancing. Find what you can do and sell it there.
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    There are not so many works available in microworkers in recent days. It becomes very tough sometimes to manage $30 after working a month and the buyers also do not respond efficiently.
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    $0, I'd frankly recommend a minimum wage job over any of those sites.
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    Forget microworkers, you can make more with fiverr.

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    I have earned 40$ and still earning slowly and hoping for offering job at microworkers

    Kibria hosain
    Online research & affiliate learner

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    I like microworkers, as a buyer. As a contractor though, I'd suggest fiverr, as mentioned above.
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    I wouldn't recommend either. If you got a skill, you better off as a freelancer. You can make a decent money on a freelancer website
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    I have made hundreds of dollars on Microworkers. Not as a worker, but as an employer. MW is a great way to purchase incentive traffic for Incentivizable CPA offers.
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