Which solution you use to send over 200k emails per day?

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Hi Warriors,

Currently I am using ARP3 with a dedicated server (at 500$/m) to send out to my 80k targeted leads. I sent out using 3 times with 3 different domains per day. And that means my server is sending out 300k emails per day.

Recently the server became so slow, and the open rate dropped. I asked my admin guy to change the IPs for the server but it seems not working. So I am thinking of using emaildelivered.com to enhance the open rate.

Do you know which solution is good for my case? I need a hosting solution that:

- is fast to send out 200k emails per day.
- has good deliverability

I am hoping you can share your experience right here.

Thanks much
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    If the open rate has dropped, it's unlikely that it has anything to do with the server. It's the message that you are sending.

    If you have a list of 80k and you are sending 3 times a day, then I probably wouldn't open your emails either. That's getting close to being spam.

    Put yourself in the position of your recipients. What is in the subject line to entice them to open. Is it the same email that you are sending every day or new and valuable content three times a day?

    Each member on your list is receiving many emails every day...they are not subscribed to just you. Your emails are competing with others to be opened every day. It's unlikely that the people on your list are waiting eagerly to receive emails from you. If they were, you would have a better open rate.

    I get about 50 emails every day from people to whom I have subscribed. Only about 30% actually get read. It takes time to read an email. Multiply that by the number of emails received and that is a decent slice out of your day which is unproductive.

    There are just a handfull that I always read and if I got those three times a day I probably wouldn't read them all. Sometimes when I have some time, I'll go through and review what I have missed for the past couple of months. If I've missed a great offer, well, so be it. I had other priorities at the time and the sender didn't make the subject line interesting enough for me to open it..

    Given the choice of whether to read an email or actually work to generate some money, I'm sure you know what my answer would be.


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