did you have any idea about this one...

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im thinking about trying offering a bonus for those who buy from my affiliate link,
OR in other word,from my website(review product)

is it gonna increase up my conversion ?
how to increase conversion up to 50% from 10 000 traffic per month ?
is it possible to do that ?

and one last thing,about offering a bonus,how to set it up,
ask them to save screenshot as a buy proof and so on... like that ?
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    I have seen people do this. They just ask the person to save their transaction number from I can remember. Don't know about conversions though. In my experience, an increase to 50% (that's in signups and not sales) can only be achieved with good copy. I'm interested to see what other warriors think about this.
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    First make sure you are allowed to give bonus.

    Increase in conversion is not only based on the bonus, but I think it can also boost it.
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    Actually, I do this all the time for my list. Besides increased conversions, it helps build a relationship with your list.

    If you want to set up bonuses, you can either set it up yourself or ask the product creator to prepare a special bonus page for your buyers. If you can do the latter, that's great because you'll be 'borrowing' reputation through association.
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    I've seen this done, and people seem to have a lot of success with it. However, you need to be careful. If you are offering some type of bonus (or cash rebate), the user can always collect it, then refund the original product that they bought.
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    You can't have a 50% conversion rate. At least not realistically from even a very targeted traffic source.

    Whatever rate you have, that can perhaps increase by 50% by following advice.
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