Paypal and OTOs Allowed?

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Just read through this depressing account of Paypal's treatment of a fellow warrior (not a new thing by any means but still shocking):

One of the comments mentions Paypal does not like OTO's - I wasn't aware of this and have done a cursory scan to see if I can find out more but no joy yet.

Anyone know if Paypal frown upon OTO's in their TOS?

Thanks in advance,
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    I dont know anything about this, its a new one on me. Ive been using paypal for a good four years and i've had otos for over three years and never had one complaint about it!

    I'd love to find out more about this one!
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    I've scanned the TOS as well and haven't found anything specific to One Time Offers...maybe I missed it.


    It may be another (all too common example) of someone posting something they know nothing about. If the comment is true I encourage the author of the post to share some insight about their post.

    Jason Anderson
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      dsmpublishing - Me too ;-)

      Jason - have pinged the relevant party in the other thread, hopefully they can give some specifics, will relay any results I get here.

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    i always find it a good idea to give paypal a call and let them know if your going to be expecting to see an increase in sales volume...
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    I see OTOs all the time with Paypal payments.

    Doesn't mean that Paypal does or doesn't approve of them. But there are so many ways that Paypal has their side covered contractually, and so many ways that account holders can get into trouble with them.

    Though they are the big man on campus, and are apparently the most trusted by buyers. So it lands you in the neighborhood of "do you want this money or not?"

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    Update: Received PM on the matter - apparently there is no explicit reference to OTO's instead something perhaps to do with allowing immediate access to purchased goods.

    The vagueries of the Paypal TOS will not doubt allow them to make arbitrary decisions regardless so I guess the moral of the story is to ensure you have a backup payment provider regardless.

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    Always contact paypal before you set up OTO's or when you think there'll be a period of spike in sales.
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    put your download links at the bottom of the oto page. At the top of the oto, explain they can scroll to the bottom of the page to get their downloads. This should cover the "immediate access" issue.


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