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It seems unfair that when some people have worked hard in putting a WSO together it is stolen. Sometimes putting a WSO together can take many months and cost lots of money.

I am not sure if this has been shared on the Warrior Forum before but here it is
If a WSO is stolen and posted elsewhere on other download sites, you can use Fresh Killer to kill these links and protect your hard work.

The link is NOT an affiliate link and the software is FREE to download and FREE to use. All the owner asks for is donations if you are able to.

Hope this helps others.
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    I feel you when you say people take your product and post them on download sites. Just downloaded Fresh Killer to my hard drive. Thanks for the share.
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    Honestly, I never worry about broke people downloading free products. They're broke for a reason. It could be due to:

    A - Unfortunate circumstances (rarely)
    B - Laziness
    C - They lack the ambition to reach out for more and get out of the hole they're in

    You can't completely kill people from downloading your product and sharing it for free. Even so, it doesn't hurt sales that much, because the majority of the forums I see that download these products are filled with foreigners and they're full of people hopping from product to product downloading them.

    They'll download it, realize it's not some GET RICH QUICK instant cure, store it in their hard drive and never read it or mess with it again until they clean their folder up.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Obviously you want to protect your product but don't stress over the broke and lazy freeloaders, they're of no harm to your product or business. They'll always be searching from product to product hoping one will make them a millionaire overnight.

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    Thanks CJ, nice share.
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      Hi Chris, sorry to hijack your thread - please could you respond to the email and PM's I sent you, just so that I know you are in receipt of things... Thanks!
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        The idea that people who download pirated copies of WSO's from black-hat/torrent/file-sharing places are doing so just because they're all too broke to pay is deeply mistaken.

        Unfortunately, the IM world is full of people who, when they want to buy a WSO, will look around for illegal, free downloads of it, and will then buy it only if they can't find one. Large numbers of people admit and discuss this "openly" (i.e. under their anonymous usernames in black hat forums).

        Many of those downloads are directly costing the WSO-publisher money.

        And the moral of the story is: protecting the download page has very limited value, if you don't also protect the product.
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