I made 100$ and stoped!

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This thread would sound better if i was new here, without any other threads posted before.... stupid kid.

The other day i was reading this 2 threads
You CAN make money with Clickbank
Part 2 - Build a Blog Empire For Free - No Excuses!
and as always it reminded me that i wasn't making money, but it also reminded me that when i started blogging i made 100$ with 2 crappy blogs and then they stopped selling.
Paleo Recipe Book - Brand new Paleo Cookbook

New Psoriasis Treatments

They made the sales because i was driving traffic through systems like Listjoe and so on, so for every 1000 viewers one bought the product, when it stopped being new in the network the sales ended...

So even if they looked ugly and crappy the truth is that they were generating sales, so i was wondering, if i could send real targeted traffic would they start selling again?

Tell me your thoughts
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