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by jbyte
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So are there any good how to's with regards to writing for blogs, niche sites, etc?
I currently outsource, but would like to start writing my own articles.
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      Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

      1. Grab a legal pad and a pencil.
      2. Jot down a very rough outline with 4-5 sections, an opening, and a closing.
      3. Open up MS-Word.
      4. Create a rough draft.
      5. Shore up any research, credits, etc.
      6. Proof it beyond Word's simple checks.
      7. Read it again.
      8. Read it again.
      9. Read it again.
      10. Fix the typos you missed the first 4 times. (I do this every single time.)
      11. Read it again.
      12. Save it as a text file.
      13. Paste it into WordPress, fix the HTML so it looks right, and hit publish.
      14. Repeat.
      -- j
      Hey Great 14 steps! I follow a somewhat same step by step way as well and it works. Another food for thought is to make sure you don't proof read the 2nd time right away. Save the article then go back to it a later, this will help you find any additional mistakes you may have.

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    Always have a notepad ready.

    I used to often get really good ideas, wouldn't have a notepad handy and would forget about the brilliant idea I had (or I would still have the idea in my head but not be able to word it too well).
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    Jason covered all the technical details.

    Make sure your posts offer something of value to your readers. Whether it's how-to information, reviews of products, or merely a good laugh; they need to feel they're getting something in return for their time.

    Show some personality in your posts so they're fun to read. This isn't true for all niches, of course. I guess if you're writing for the Funeral Directors of America you should keep humor to a minimum.

    You want readers to get something from your blog that they can't get anywhere else such as your view of things, your personality, and your experience.

    Tempt them with what you're planning to write in your next blog post.

    Don't be afraid to be controversial. These posts often get the most comments.

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    put effort into your articles - you want to provide value to your readers. The most important thing that you need in a article is value - something people can't find anywhere else. So research your topic thoroughly before you start writing.
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    Just a simple tips.
    Ensure you write 2 or 3 lines only per paragraph.
    So that readers won't get bored
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    In regards to writing a blog post you want to try and write to your audience more so than an article in my opinion. Make sure you have some really good content that readers in your niche will love and make it an awesome post - and then the key is getting your content syndicated on other people's blogs that are the top sites in your niche.

    That is why your content needs to be gold...
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    If you're referring to the technical how-to's of writing an article, there's too many that you can find on Google. Now, if you're referring to the style per se, it depends on your target market/audience/reader. It depends on you as a writer, too. It may be challenging for you to write a somewhat comical tone in writing if you're a serious type.
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    Originally Posted by jbyte View Post

    So are there any good how to's with regards to writing for blogs, niche sites, etc?
    Here are mine ...

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    Thanks for the replies everyone

    I fix WordPress problems, PM me if you need help

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