Where's the best place to test squeeze pages??

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Hello fellow warriors,

I think its about time i started to build my list, and from reading other threads here on the Warrior Forum, testing the squeeze page is one of the important parts of the process. (As well as offering something of value in exchange for an email)

So my question is...

Where is the best place to test the landing pages??

Would adfly be used for this purpose? As the traffic can be very cheap and gets quick results. Or is adfly a waste of money?


And while i'm on the subject of list building, can anyone here recommend a mentor? I've read somewhere (a few times) that Alex Jeffreys is the go to guy.

Any help and thoughts would be greatly apprieciated
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    Adfly is mostly bot traffic, if you use double opt-in then none of the leads ever confirm.

    What niche are you targeting, and you share the url of your squeezepage?
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    Hey Andrew,

    I'm still in planning mode at the minute so i;m getting the ground work out of the way first, so no url to share just yet.

    My plan is to go after the IM niche.

    I know IM is a broad niche that can be divided into lots of sub niches (list building, article marketing, social etc) and i suppose thats another reason for me asking someone to recommend a mentor.
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    register yourname.com or similar and set it up as a blog to become your hub for all traffic.

    Then you can set up squeezepages off it, either with wordpress or good old fasioned html.

    Just remember not to go too wild buying things where you're not sure what the product is, and you won't go too far wrong.
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    I used adfly to get around 2-3000 subscribers... can't tell you how many of those bought anything of mine, but I know it's good to split test squeeze pages.

    DO NOT use proxy traffic, mostly bots like I think someone else mentioned... I always did Worldwide or USA to do a general test & get around 50-100 subs every time I spent like 5 dollars. Some squeezes turned into 150 subs, others barely any. so yeah it's definitely a good place to split test
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    Alex J Rocks for list building education. No bs and to the point.

    I use Squeeze Mojo to build my pages.

    Domonic Mongello
    skype: dom4biz
    facebook: domonic.mongello
    The Silent List Building Method - Game Changer

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    For building squeeze pages you can use OptimizePress or something similar. You can create it by yourself (HTML) - this is simple. You need a domain, to put squeeze page there.

    In the past I used Website Optimizer from Google to test different squeeze pages, but now this service is not available anymore. Goggle Analytics now has "Experiments" available. I think you can do this there. Try it. I didn't try it yet.
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    Try some quality solo ads in the same niche. You can do it at a low budget and test the conversions.
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      If you're planning on buying traffic simply for the purpose of split testing the page then I would say that's not needed.

      Just focus on driving normal free targeted traffic to the page and as you're traffic and list grows then you can start switching things up and making changes to maximize your opt-ins.

      I never recommend paying for traffic from the word go. Start using FREE social media traffic sources at first.

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      Hey John sounds like your on the right track so don't start thinking something will make you more money faster. The list is where it is at.

      Two recommendations: Create your own products and add 1 or 2 exit splash pages to your squeeze pages.

      I hate these things but in most cases this is the only chance you have with the prospective subscriber so take your best shot. Some traffic sources may not allow exit splashes so check tos.
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