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I noticed that there are some fan page that only post interesting or entertaining photos and they have thousands of likes.

Would it be a good idea to post entertaining photos somewhat related to my niche along with my regular content?

I can see it as creating a likeability factor.

I could just try it and see what happens.
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    Definitely something you'd have to experiment with to see what sticks. I've found that images that soft sell vs hard sell get better traction. So it's fine to be niche oriented and entertaining. I save purely entertaining images for my personal FB page only.
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    Yes. That's actually a powerful marketing tool that I found out about not too long ago. People don't like the boring business stuff all the time. Sometimes you need to break the ice with some funny pics/vids. Shouldn't necessary be your niche.
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    Would it be in poor taste to put my site url on the photos?

    I just worry about coming across as tacky. I know it seems like anything goes these days but I am a bit old school.

    The ones I would do would be in good taste and work safe.
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    Look at the big players in your niche and see if you can grab a clue from the way they do it. I post branded and unbranded images.
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    It would be great idea. Because people like to be entertained. If you would do it continuously then you would certainly get more traffic.
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    The big players in my niche don't do this at all. They try to be funny during their talks but it doesn't quite get there. I think they try too hard to be serious all the time. Maybe they are afraid of not being taken seriously?
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