Getting your fan page to be more interactive?

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I wanted to know if there are some techniques that would benefit a facebook fan page into getting more activate in liking and sharing whats on the wall. For now, I usually just try to update the wall as often as possible with interesting content. Is there anything else I can do?
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    Try using risque, or shocking content or videos .. make your fans say WTF! Get them talking about it .. the more comments you get the better. Maybe post something totally off topic from what the fanpage is. Spark their interest. Just my opinion ...
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      Quotes, inspirational sayings, cool images or photos.

      If you go for the shocking type of post, you might get a lot of interaction, but it will be majorly one word or one line.

      Post 5 - 7 times a day and mix the types of posts you make. Some images, some text, some shares, some links to things that are not your site.

      Make a mix of image posts split between images uploaded to facebook and link to image posts or pages on your own website.

      Schedule your posts a week at a time, and put the types in a spreadsheet so you can see how many of each kind of post you have made.

      Answer every comment, and like each comment.

      That should help. :-)

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    Post some funny quotes, videos, photos, or some unique topics that can catch attention...Eyebrow raising topics.

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    Do some polling with a question that provoke people to give the answer, or you also can do a quiz with a prize.

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      Originally Posted by bizamanda View Post

      Do some polling with a question that provoke people to give the answer, or you also can do a quiz with a prize.

      That's good idea.
      Try also to employ your personal account to let your friends notice about that quiz.

      Don't worry be happy!

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    Thank you guys for all the advice and idea's I think that, that's an outstanding idea you have. And It really helps with what I am planning on doing. I guess I really want to make the fan page a place where everyone visits or see, everyday! So by posting everyday it should start that up!
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    Don't follow the pack! Find something that will force people to talk about it and spread it! Think of something that would make you say wtf, wow, cool and spread it!
    "If you don’t want beef, milk the cow, cowboy."
    Lil Wayne
    (My name is Tyreese, not Tyree)
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    Apart from whacky yet relevant images, post videos from YouTube, too. Photos and videos work hand-in-hand in our viral social media marketing strategy.
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    Pictures speak much more than posts. A interesting picture with some short description of it works well. Lots of people seem to not want to watch videos lately. Also you can run a poll , contest or sweepstakes
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    Offer contests or free samples (if applicable). Games are fun too!
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    One thing that I have seem work in to get more likes and shares on Facebook is specifically ask people to share or like your content.

    Here is an example: Please hit "Share" or "Like" if you love this fun fact.
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    Engaging Facebook pages are interactive. Hopefully, you have your wall open for comments, posts, etc. Respond to fans as much as possible, even complaints or negative comments. Post images. They're the easiest to Like or Share. Polls. Questions. Opinions, etc. Good luck!
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    In my opinion, updating the posts on your wall as soon as possible is the best way of making people to be interested in your fan page. Good luck!
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    - Question Polls
    - Interesting News Articles related to your niche
    - Funny/Niche-Related Photos!

    That's how I make my fan page way more interactive.

    Oh and don't be shy to ask them to tag themselves in photos and share your content
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    I own a recipe fanpage with around 1000 real users, which is low but I have great interactions. Asking questions like whats your favorite way to cook? would you agree with this? tends to help people interact. uploading nice photos also helps and redirecting them to my pintrest pages etc.

    This way when I put out clickbank offers it seems legit and they are willing to interact with it.!
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