Spam that made me laugh...

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For some reason my ebay email has really been pounded with spam lately.

Not only that, but it somehow makes it through spamassassin and my pc spam filter.

But this one takes spam scam to a whole new level.

I may be dating myself here, but I remember when there were ads in every local newspaper for envelope preparing. They claimed to pay you just for stuffing papers into an envelope, sealing it, and mailing it off.

So here is the spam email:

SUBJECT: Get Paid And Earn $500 - $1500 Per Month Part Time

Dear Online Seeker's,

Imagine opening your inbox to find tons of payment notices.
You reply back to these payment notices with the information that we provide you.
Then guess what? You are done! That's it!

You're pai.d *$25 for each email you process

Get Paid *$25 For EVERY Email You Prepare!
You Could Make $500 - $1500 Per Month Part Time
$3000 - $ 10,000 Per Month Full Time

I Love This Work. Turning on my computer each morning, checking my inbox, preparing emails and getting paid *$25 for each email I prepare and send out. I'm done.

NO ads to place all over the internet....WOW.
NO monthly fees.....Woohoo.

I can do whatever I want for a few hours then check my
inbox again and repeat the same process.

The most exciting part is that there will always be more and more emails to process each and everyday.


And by following these simple steps, you too can achieve your financial goals.

*Step 1: Checking your inbox...
*Step 2: Processing emails with information we supply you...
*Step 3: Getting paid $25 for each email you send out... guaranteed.

Best of all, there are no minimum or maximum amounts of emails you can process daily, so you can imagine the earning potential.
You can work as little or as much as you like, you are your own boss, you set your own hours.
Make $200 or more EVERYDAY. Work from your home or office.

Find out how YOU can start doing the same and begin counting those dollars..... Visit the website below.....


You will also receive an unbelievable list of tools.
You won't believe what all is included in this f.ree package....

Because of Opportunities Like These You CAN Stay Home and Still Make Money

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To Your Success,
Martina Lawrence

P.S. If you're not interested about this 'new' income opportunity, simply send an to email
** ** with a subject "Not Interested".
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    I think lately people have forgotten about spam, a few years back when spammers were prosecuted, people got a little scared but now it's like part and parcel of the internet world, users have learnt to ignore them and there's no actions by the governing bodies unless they receive a lot of complaints.
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    I just found the entire idea that someone would be paid $25 to process an email absolutely hilarious. Why on earth would anyone (or any company) pay someone $25 to process an email?

    I wonder what processing an email would even entail?
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    Funny indeed, it seems almost as if spammers are going away lately, doesn't it?
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    They have been doing a lot of work in order for them to get attention, but in the end they are still ignored and their messages deleted.
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    Yeah I received a similar email, too - but from a different gmail account.

    Hell knows what happen if you reply with an unsub request... chances are you'll end up on a bunch of different spam lists
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  • Profile picture of the author John Derrick
    Ha ha ha... yeah, I would never dream of replying to a spam email to be "unsubscribed".

    If everyone would follow the golden rule: "Never buy anything, no matter what, from a spam email", all the spam would disappear over time.

    That's the golden rule that I follow.
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