What's your hit rate from Opt-In mailshots?

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I know its another one of those ambiguous Warrior Forum questions, but I was wondering if anyone was prepared to reveal/share what percentage of opt-in's they expect to buy from a mailshot offer? I don't mean a one-off promotion, more ongoing sales.

I have a unique £37 eBook which is selling OK on my site. I am building my opt-In list, and am offering it to them for the first time this week. I have a professionally written mailshot letter. About 40% open my free update emails.

1% / 2% / more?...

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    Originally Posted by StingGB View Post

    I know its another one of those ambiguous Warrior Forum questions
    Hi Brian (are you sure you're not called Gordon?) ... it is a little bit, but some of your subsequent comments have clarified some of those ambiguities, anyway.

    Originally Posted by StingGB View Post

    1% / 2% / more?...

    These are your own subscribers, who were targeted traffic in the first place, have opted in to be on your list, know who you are, have received things from you before, and so on? And it's a professionally written mailing? And it's not as if you're promoting private jet hire or some dodgy-looking money-making scheme?

    You should be wanting to do far better than that.

    But why are only 40% of these people opening your email, if they've so recently opted in? They opt in because they want to hear from you, and so quickly 60% of them won't even open an email from you? Something's gone pretty wrong, there. (Whatever you do, take no notice of the people who will tell you that a 40% open-rate is 'very good', and believe it or not there really will be some who'll say that - I've seen them before, in similar threads! :rolleyes: ). Is it possible that the recording-process isn't all that hot, and the true number is actually quite a bit higher than you think? That is sometimes the case. Are you sending HTML-only emails? How many emails do you have before the promotion? Did whatever you sent in exchange for their email address set their expectations clearly? Was it specifically designed to be part of your continuity-process? Do the comments in this thread help you? http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post6123982
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    Unlike Alexa I don't get such response rates.

    My lists respond in the 2% to %25 bracket depending on the niche and how personal the relationship I've built is.

    If it's my main list that I give my most focus to they'll respond at much higher rates, but most of my lists are not like that and fall into the numbers I mentioned.

    There are so many factors that I wouldn't even begin to guess what it would be in a new niche, I just test it and found out.

    nothing to see here.

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      When you say 2% to 25%, do you mean that percentage actually buy your product?
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