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by blend
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Hi all,

I'm looking to buy an aged domain from register compass.

Can anybody provide any tips on the best way to buy a domain?

For example:

what tools do you use to see if it has ever been penazlized by Google?
Does it have general backlinks and authority etc?

If anybody would like to share there recommended tips it would be very helpful

thanks guy's
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    Thanks i'll have a look!
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      The best parameters to look for when buying a domain are

      1. SEMRush Information - This tells you how many keywords the domain ranks for, what is the natural organic traffic it gets, what the traffic costs.

      2. SEOMoz Rank and Back Links - This is an alternate to page rank and is apparently updated more often.

      3. Page Rank - This can easily be faked. The ideal thing to do is run the following queries on google and see the results
      1. "info:domainname.ext" - this tells you whether the domain points to another domain - if another domain shows up the PR is mostly fake.
      2. "site:domainname.ext" - this tells you whether the domain has been possibly banned by google. Also tells you how many pages have been crawled by google.
      3. "link:domainname.ext" - this gives you information on backlinks to domain as parsed by google. This is generally very incomplete and I am inclined to use SEOMoz back links instead.


      P.S. I use for finding high value expired domains.

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