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Hello everybody,

This is my first post (under this user name). My normal user name is Jason Anderson but I'm taking on a position with a company, Advocate Auto Claims, to help them with their overall marketing efforts.

Because I want to keep my personal online efforts separate from my efforts for Advocate Auto Claims, I've created a new account to act as the "voice" of AAC.

Of course you can always reach me personally through my other WF account username (Jason Anderson)...

At any rate, I wanted to introduce myself "advocate" as the voice of Advocate Auto Claims.

I'm looking for site reviews and suggestions for the corporate site as I'll be responsible for revamping and cleaning it up to be more effective. Keep in mind that as of now, I've had no hand in what you see now with the site. I have a ton of ideas on how to make their site a LOT more effective with videos, testimonials, new graphics, flow, etc....

So if you have a moment and like to critique a site, I'd love your input.

Here is the main site:

Thanks everybody.

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