A Personal Message Just For You (and Everyone Else)

by LarryC
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Not really -how could it be? This is a public forum. I'm just writing this to point out the practice of some email marketers who send out bulk messages with this in the subject line.

Sometimes the subject line reads "Private," other times it's "Personal." Am I really supposed to be so naive as to believe I'm the only one getting this email?

It's not only spammers who do this. Many marketers with lists send out messages like this on a regular basis. I suppose it's not the worst thing one can do. It's not nearly as bad as "You Earned A Commission!" which, thankfully, I haven't even much lately.

More than anything else, it insults the intelligence of the recipient. A truly personal email wouldn't have to say "personal."
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    I get this too and it's often silly but can be used correctly.

    If the email sender says "personal" and the email has something to do with his or her personal life which he or she wants to share with all subscribers and customers, it would make sense and not be some silly fake attempt to act like the email was only sent to you.
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    I suppose that's another meaning of "personal" that could be accurate. Personal to the sender, not the recipient. That's not the usual way it's meant, but you could flip it around that way.

    This is really just the email version of direct mail tactics that have statements like: "Personal and Confidential: only to be opened by the addressee!"

    Some also have a warning about the penalties of opening other people's mail. Which is true for every piece of mail, of course, but makes the advertisement seem more official looking.
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    "Personal" emails do not require unsubscribe links.
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    It's just the way of the world. With so many people out there trying to make money online, I'd be more surprised if marketing like this didn't happen.
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      Originally Posted by retsced View Post

      It's just the way of the world. With so many people out there trying to make money online, I'd be more surprised if marketing like this didn't happen.
      You are absolutely right. Almost everyone aiming to earn some money at online. By knowing or by not knowing they are spamming around the web everyday. This kind of things are likely to increase day by day.
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        Thanks to email technology, we have spam filter. People who sent "personal" email must be too naive and lie to them self that people will eventually read it.
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    The subject line is a secondary consideration for me. I'm much more likely to open an email based on who the sender is.
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    I find this kind of email to be very irritating and I will simply just deleted it without reading it. But many of them are using it. Maybe it is because they are getting good open rate.
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    That just shows that people will do ANYTHING to get your attention.

    But I still think that the "You Earned a Commission" and "You Got Money" e-mails are worse.
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      I had one recently where the subject title was "I'm dying". I thought that was the sickest thing I've ever seen.

      BTW, it wasn't him dying, it was the battery on his 'phone!
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        Well the "personal" is not used to mock the recipient's intelligence, it's just an attempt at a more "personal" marketing.

        While the intention may not be naive the rest of the mail however is. With a "personal" tag in the mail the expected follow up would be to discuss some personal issue or necessity that invokes fondness in the user.

        Rather than carrying the personal tone, they start by discussing a broad issue that literally addresses the entire population such as
        Do the dishes get dirty after you eat in them?

        The issue is that their approach is not coherent and well thought through.
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    "Personal and Confidential:
    Looks like Nigerian scam or lotto scam to me. Once I received such email, I either block the address or unsubscribe if there is a link.

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    A few emails that got me to unsub immediately:

    "Your Commission is Waiting"
    "Commissions Pending"
    "Address verification needed"
    "PayPal Payment Pending"

    And no, for those idiots out there, those are NOT suggestions for you to try!
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    Great thread for noob like me to know what titles not to be use.. luckily I haven use any of them yet.. hehe~

    But the truth is that it still business in the end and marketers try all ways to get attention.. unfortunately~

    my 2 cents
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    I hate receiving emails that say "I have inherited X amount of money and need to move it to your account for tax purposes". It's just stupid. They want to put $43,789,300 in my bank account, really, how stupid do I look. Sigh
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    It's funny but I have two email accounts, one on Hotmail and one on Gmail. Hotmail sends this kind of Emails straight to the spam folder, Gmail doesn't. So whenever I'm not sure about joining a newsletter I put my hotmail adders. Who said that Hotmail has no use? :-)
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    LarryC I agree with you.
    Its almost comical to see how some marketers do this....no sincerity or real concern = fake in my book.

    I think we are going to see a constant evolution here...

    I think too many IM'ers took Groucho Marx too seriously when he said:

    "The secret to life is honesty and fair dealing and if you can fake that you've got it made"

    "If one advances confidently in the direction of his own dreams and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined - he will meet a success unexpected in common hours"

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    I received following emails almost daily.

    You have earned a commission of $205.15
    Accept this payment pls
    Claim your free money
    Notification of payment received.

    I opened all the such mails expecting some of them true ( kidding)

    One thing I don't understand how these guys keep sending repeated mails despite unsubscribing them. I unsubscribe from approx 50 mails yesterday and again I received around 20 of them.
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