Any idea why my submityourarticle backlinks show 0 PR?

by marlon
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Here is the article:

Promoting With iTunes Made Easy

Jon Leger's Web Comp Analyst shows it as being a 0 PR backlink to my web site.

I have 60 web sites publish it. Most don't even show up as a backlink. But the few who do show 0 PR too. Here are a couple.

Promoting With iTunes Made Easy
Promoting With iTunes Made Easy

So the ARTICLE SUBMISSION got me 0 backlinks with PR? Does that sound right even though 60 people published it?

My IMNEWSWATCH links all show 0 PR.

This link from shows 0 PR:
Your Special Holiday Gift from Early to Rise | free newsletter

All Terry Dean's links to me from his blog show 0 PR.

Even links from the blog pages on my PR4 blog show 0 PR.

I don't see ANY JUICE at all from the submit your article submission.

Who hear understands this and can shed light on it? Because I got lost somewhere
in there.

Best wishes,

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    I figured THIS would be the place where I'd get the
    straight answer!

    Anyone know?

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    Marlon all new pages will show PR 0. This doesn't mean that the pages aren't indexed or sending link love. Most of the pages you've listed do appear to be indexed.

    You won't see any PR until they do a public update and Google doesn't show most backlinks anyway, so the tools you're using to check these things are never going to be accurate or reliable.

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      Hey Rondo,

      If Google hasn't spidered and updated the PR by now it never will.

      Now, the .Gov link isn't that old. But that site is VERY established.

      The Terry Dean links are over a year period.

      Most all the links I mentioned are long standing.

      So lack of time is not a reason for what I'm observing.

      Also, I understand Google doesn't show all links. But what I'm referring
      to is the lack of PR on the backlinks it DOES show.

      The OTHER thing here is I've had links from 25,000 AFFILIATES. None of those
      links are showing up as backlinks.

      It just doesn't make sense.

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        Hi Marlon,

        It's great to see you back again and posting.

        PageRank has been an unreliable parameter to track for a long time now, so I wouldn't really get too caught up in it's idiosyncracies.

        More important is whether you're getting traffic from those links and whether getting more of them makes any difference to your SERPS.

        One reason why some of them aren't giving you juice is that they're using the nofollow tag.

        One of the links you provided has nofollow for all the links back to your site, so they're definitely not passing your PR regardless of anything else.


        nothing to see here.

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    There's quite a few reasons they may not be showing. Multiple articles with duplicate content may be relegated to the supplemental or omitted index so they won't show up, some may have nofollow links, most blog comment links will be nofollow, same with many forums. Affiliate links don't usually show as backlinks especially if they have /?, and most affiliates cloak their links now.

    Google want to keep us guessing so it's always going to be a bit of a mystery.

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    Does the article submitter from Article Submission Service - Submit YOUR Article work well and bug free. Seems a little to good to be true submitting to 350 directories for free.
    Nothing to sell, only value to give and new knowledge to learn.
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