Do Social Bookmarking Sites Drive Traffic?

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Do you think social bookmarking sites like the major ones online drive valuable traffic to websites?
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    But that traffic "Might" not be sticky unless you are offering some great value for free!

    You know the first impression rule! Right?

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      Originally Posted by Tuzic


      please can you clarify what you mean in your message as i dont understand it?

      thank you

      Actually it is easy to get traffic via social bookmarking but the people that come over to your site are not really interested in signing up for some freebie or sales letter.

      They are interestesd in some content... information . That might be pure gold to them.

      They will stay around for a long enough time if and only if they feel like there is a virtual goldmine at your website in some form. Maybe some free widget or free software or free content even. something that is totally unique to your site.

      Something that thye are looking for.

      With that said, I would still advocate the use of social bookmarking. You don't hit a homerun necessarily everytime.
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