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Alright, is there an Easy Click Mate alternative out there that I can use to allow my affiliates to promote multiple products in 1 Clickbank account?

I bought this thing yesterday thinking it would be great, but it's a nightmare.

I'm pretty tech savvy, and following all the directions to the letter setting this thing up and I'm getting Warning: mysql_query() errors out the ass.

Does anyone know of an alternative? If not, I honestly think I might hire a programmer to make a competing product.
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    • Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

      You may want to contact Kevin Riley, he is using it successfully.
      Thanks for the tip Joseph, but I don't want to bug the guy, I'm sure he's got better things to do... Or does he offer some kind of service related to Easy Click Mate?
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    Originally Posted by InternetBusinessVelocity View Post

    I bought this thing yesterday thinking it would be great
    It IS great. And so is the support.
    Why not contact Adrian ?

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    MySQL errors are usually caused by users who forgot to "add the mysql user to the database".

    The steps are:
    1. Create the MySQL database
    2. Create a MySQL user & password
    3. Assign the mysql user (in step 2) to the database (in step 1)

    Most people forget step 3 which causes errors.

    Best regards,

    ps: if you me to check your setup, please open a ticket at Support | easyBiztools.com
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  • I use ECM and if works just great.
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    I just purchased EasyClickMate a few minutes ago.

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    Hi Graeme,

    I've replied your question in the ticket about this. Your existing affiliates' hoplink will still work - they don't have to change it unless they want to.

    Best regards,
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    Yep, I have used ECM on and off on several of my products. I've also run into a few issues which I should add were down to me. But the support from Adrian has always been spot on. Adrian even arranged and carried out a complete script migration for me after I sold one of my CB sites. If you are having problems I recommend you contact support, they will get it sorted for you quickly.
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