Guide and Tools for Reverse Engineering Someone's Success

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Good evening fellow Warriors! :-)

Does anyone know of any good guides or tools for reverse engineering someone's success?

What I mean by this, is that I have a product or service. I notice that I have some competitors with slick websites and they have what appear to be successful advertising campaigns on google. I want to do some of the things they're doing since that is what is most likely to yeild me success and I don't want to re-invent the wheel.

Can anyone suggest some resources that will help me get the most information possible out of what I see them doing in their marketing efforts? I realize that this may seem underhanded or sneaky, but I think that if you post something on the internet, other people are more than entitled to look at it and learn from it.

Any ideas that you guys have would be great!
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      Just study the steps in their process. Go through the whole marketing funnel and take as many notes as possible.

      As you are going through the funnel, try and understand the mindset and the message that they are relaying to their customer base.

      Draw pictures of their process and duplicate it as best as you can with your own message.

      Develop the skills to craft your message into their process. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just make a slight variation of it.

      -Jeff Mitchell

      *Edit: The only tool you need is your mind, it is the best one.

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