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Maybe some of you know, not too long ago I created a thread about making money with digital photos.

I got a lot of positive feedback about it, but also, a few people sent me PMs about it, saying it can't be done, it just can't be done. People who do it are professional photographers, and there are certain conditions that those stock websites require, and I'm misleading people with these stuff, and I'm full of crap and blah blah blah....

Well, this kind of mentality annoys me a little bit on some levels.

First of all, it can be done because I did it so don't tell me it can be done! And I made a little over 6.000$ with only uploading my pictures to those stock websites.

So again, it can be done! The other part that really annoys me are people who look at something like this and all they see is obstacles! And they come with all these reasons why it can't be done. And these are the kind of people that will never go anywhere.

There are some many good and easy ways to make money that are shared all around this forum.

No, people who give you this information are not gonna babysit you thru out your whole journey. All they can give you is information or concept about the whole picture. No one has time to educate you and teach you about every single tiny thing that you will need to do in order to succeed in one article/forum post. You can do it on your own. You're sitting in front of computer, you have Google, and why not do some research? That's what makes me a little bit mental. Someone that says " Oh, only the photographers can learn something, the photographers are more educated than we are". Wrong!
Guess what, everything you know up to this point is something that you have learned! Nobody was born with any kind of knowledge, you've learned it, and those photographers are no exception. So when someone says that they can't do it or it's impossible, that's the difference between someone who's a success and someone who's always going to be a failure.

You see obstacles and you immediately say " OMG, there is an obstacle on my way and I can overcome that" and then you quit. Well, all the power to you, enjoy flipping hamburgers. Because business is always about solving problems. If you come across the obstacle, you overcome it, that's the stuff! And that's what separates people who are independent and people who have to punch a clock 9 to 5 sweeping floors.

Now, I'm not sweating people who flip burgers and doing 9 to 5 things, but if you want to be more than that, this is the way you should start thinking. You have to stop seeing obstacles, and start seeing solutions.

So that's my message to you people. Sometimes people put some concept that I thinks is in some way useful. It's up to you to learn how to use it. You really don't need any "gurus" or anyone else to learn this stuff. You're sitting in front of the computer that is attached to the world, you don't need anyone to take you step by step!

If I can do it, so can you. But you have to change your mentality.
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    I guess a lot of people are hardwired to look at the obstacles and then quit. If it's too hard, then quit and find something else. If time goes by and nothing is happening, then start complaining. It's a natural tendency of pain avoidance. This is the same concept that operates when people leave their New Year's resolutions and goals.

    But what they don't know is that the pain is equal.

    If they don't move and don't achieve their goals, then they are stuck in the same rut and feel the same pain.

    One may say that it is rather unusual but people always fall for instant gratification (This is less painful right now). Quite fascinating if you'll ask me.
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    So again, it can be done! The other part that really annoys me are people who look at something like this and all they see is obstacles! And they come with all these reasons why it can't be done. And these are the kind of people that will never go anywhere.
    They maybe told you that it cannot be done so they can steal your idea.
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      Don't get frustrated and don't let it get to you.Being brutal and harsh here but like you said YOU DID IT so instantly that negates the it cant be done mantra.Why worry about what other people say when you know what works.Its not pie in the sky or theory its fact and you should not let it concern you.You chose to try and help people but they chose not to accept that assistance or put barriers in the way.

      Do not waste anymore time worrying just continue to refine your ideas and increase your earnings and let the doers do and the quitters quit

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    Man, dont ever listen to those dream killers! Most of those people dont wanna do the work...theyre lazy and they just dont want to see YOU suceed. I learned one thing that I will take to my grave....that is: Dream It...Believe it...Achieve it ! I have gone my whole life proving all the naysayers and the dream killers wrong "! Good for you....keep pursuing your dreams and run to your destiny !

    I have a friend that is doing photography work also....he is a true amateur and like you he got an idea and is making big money with it. He does the old 19302's & 40's calendar girls. (with a twist) Its awesome.
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    You should have known that this thing is kinda marathon... Not a sprint. you have to be patient.
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    What was your idea, selling those photos?

    Go after your dreams.
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    Thanks Vandimarket.

    I had looked into photo monetisation a while ago, and took all the negative advice.

    I had also looked at photoblogging and was discouraged... probably by the same group of can't doers!! (although not on this forum).

    Since then I have chosen to change myown attitude to a 'can do' one and suddenly things become easier.

    I might even revisit photoblogging after reading this. Great Inspiration.
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    Vadimarket, All I can say is F%$# the nay sayers. I'm living proof of someone who was brought up listening to negativity that can and will do something when others say it can't be done. My family gets mad at me for not talking to them for extended periods of time but that's just to bad because I don't want to listen to all the cry baby crap.

    Just like you did ignore it and keep on going finding different ways to build your business and laugh your ass off all the way to the bank.

    Great job on your success!!
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    Hi Vadimarket. I remember a while back reading up on making money with istockphoto, but never even tried. After reading this it reminded me of it and im gonna look into it a bit more. I had some questions, can you PM me with an email address i can contact you on (i dont have enough posts to PM yet). Thank you.
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    I totally understand where you are coming from.

    My brother is the same way. All he sees are obstacles.

    I was talking to him recently about a goal that he has and he was telling me about 1 or 2 things that were getting in the way, so I suggested some solutions and other options for him to think about.

    And without even considering them his first responses were, "no that can't be done." or "no, that might work in the big city where you live, Shane. But that wouldn't work in our city."

    It's so frustrating because I can see things that he could be doing, but no matter where I turn or what I mention there is always a reason why it won't work.

    With others I give up and move on, and believe that it's their choice and I am not going to waste my time helping them. But with my brother I am going to keep at it.

    What I am doing now, is when ever he brings up an obstacle or a reason why something won't work, I am commenting on it and making him aware that again he is looking for why it won't work instead of how he can make it work.

    Bringing in this kind of awareness seems to be helping
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