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Let me start by thanking everyone again for the feedback I got last week on trying to find my passion. Since I wrote that and got tons of responses, I've bought a 21 speed bike (and almost killed myself on it), bought a new set of rechargeable batteries for my camera, and I'm making plans to go out this weekend to see about pairing up some really good pictures with a few literary thoughts floating around my head.

I was reading the news this morning, and I came across an article in the New York Times called "Follow A Career Passion? Let It Follow You". It was only a one-pager, so I took the 60 seconds to read it and found a guy who thinks like me.

He talks about something that I never heard growing up, but apparently a lot of you did. He was "told by guidance counselors, career advice books, the news media and others to "'follow [his] passion.'" The problem was that he didn't come with a passion pre-installed, just like I don't think that I did.

No one who answered my post the other day (which is now down in the Mind Warriors forum) spoke up that they felt the same way I do about this, and I wonder if that is a problem in itself.

Are any of you struggling out there to find your place in IM because everyone says to follow your passion, but you don't have one? Do you keep hitting the keyword research sites hoping that a magical keyword will jump out at you and you'll be hooked on it? Do you keep buying one WSO after another, hoping that one of them will unlock a secret treasure chest down deep within your soul and finally show you something that you can be happy about?

I'm just curious...when I read the NYTimes article this morning, it was like a little light bulb clicked on for me and I wanted to share it with the WF.

-- j
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    I actually agree with you that people don't come "pre-built" with a passion Jason. It's something that you manifest from life experiences, and it can take a ton of time to find it. I'll use myself as an example. I didn't realize how important Disney was to me until I was halfway through my 20th year (and I'd been going and enjoying the place since age 6). I'm of the opinion that you'll figure out your passion when you stop looking for it (easier said than done, I know ).
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    Just stick with something that you're pretty damn sure you'll
    be interested in... Some niches like "divorce" are pretty bad to
    be in, especially with all the depressing stories from customers.

    Some bored me so much I flipped them to get rid of them.

    What's important as a marketer...

    Well, passion is a factor. I'd call it more of "sustained interest"
    instead of passion. You absolutely cannot inject enthusiasm
    into something you have no emotions about. I've tried.

    What's more important is the exit plan, if you're unsure about
    how interested you are in it. Can you get rid of the business?

    As to certain niches, you really don't know if you have an
    interest in it until you've done really good market research.

    As you learn more and more about it, you sometimes tend to
    get quite engrossed in it. I guess that's what I'd qualify as
    sustained interest.

    Winston Tian

    The Beginner's Doctor

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      I found that article very interesting Jason.

      I think one thing that a lot of people aren't taking into consideration is that we are all unique individuals, built and wired differently. That's not a bad thing at all, but what works for finding a passion for one person won't work at all for another.

      I also never heard "follow your passion" from school counselors but "follow your aptitudes". We even took tests that showed us what our aptitudes were. In thinking back, mine were in the very things that I call my passions, today. I guess it makes sense that the things we have an aptitude for are the things we enjoy doing because we are good at it, so therefore have a passion for. I mean who has a passion for something that they stink at doing?

      I never was asked what my passions were, or even thought about them until I became a member here on the forum. And when confronted with the question, I sort of froze, as I didn't have a clue, lol!

      Anyway, what the article says makes sense to me in that way. I also say that I didn't find my passion, but that it found me. It only makes sense once again that it found me as I did those things that I had an aptitude for.

      Maybe it would be easier for those struggling to discern what their passion is, if they asked themselves what they had an aptitude for.

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      My view on this, which I've written about in my newsletter many times, is that the whole 'find your passion' is, for most people a massive red herring that stops them from being successful.

      When I started out online I wasted no end of time and effort worrying about the fact that I didn't have this mystical thing called 'passion' about any monetizable subject I could think of.

      Yes, I am passionate about my hobby - collecting 1950's Matchbox cars - but with the best will in the world that is not a niche that would ever make me more than chump change. The only subject I could rouse much interest in back then was Internet marketing itself - and everyone said don't touch that niche with a ten-foot pole until you have lots of honest experience, and even then you'll struggle to cut through the competition.

      So I worried that there must be something missing in me.

      I fretted that I couldn't get excited about the weird niches that other people seemed to be getting off on.

      I puzzled when I should be making money and I dithered when I should be taking action.

      My personal opinion is that there are so many newbies caught in the 'find your passion' trap that it isn't even funny. It is very sad that they have been fed a total crock by people who really should know better.

      That's not to say that being passionate about a subject - if that subject is suitable - is a bad thing. It isn't. It's great. It is just that hardly anyone is in that fortuitous position. Most of us are on the sidelines looking on in wonder!

      I believe that most newbies fail because they get tired of looking for the passion in all the wrong places.

      What changed things for me - and in the process started my rise to being a successful Internet marketer - was the realization that the passion doesn't have to be for the subject, it has to be for the process.

      Get excited about the process of making money online, the mechanics of crafting a good website, the fun of building relationships with your lists or any of the many other elements that you need to succeed and the subject matter will cease to be important.

      Your passion is already there, staring you in the face.


      P.S. As to school advisers, when I was at school in the dim and distant past, the careers adviser called all the boys in one at a time and told us to become accountants. My wife says that at her school all the girls were told to become secretaries. Passion - or even aptitude - didn't come into it!
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    Honestly jay when you find your passion you truly understand who you are, and it can be difficult at times. But once you do it makes a huge difference in everything you do
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    J, what online game did you say you play?
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        Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

        Well, I do have one passion. I'm on a never-ending search for a beautiful, rich, red-headed lady to share the next 20-50 years of my life with.
        How I Met Your Mother seemed to make the concept work pretty well, wouldn't you say? Hint, Hint .
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            Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

            I've been slightly obsessed with Alyson Hanigan since the Buffy the Vampire Slayer days. Can we say Evil Willow?

            -- j
            Meh...I just don't see it. She's always been just average to me lol. I'll take a beautiful latina woman over a redhead any day:

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        Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

        World of Warcraft. I play it, write about it, and even make money because of it.

        -- j
        I guy on here was making great money with a WOW blog then sold it for $50K.

        Now he's making good money with a Diablo 3 blog.

        Maybe you'll find this interview interesting How Chris Antoni's Video Game Blog Made $10,000 in Its First Month - Blogcast FM
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            Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

            I just lost my faith in you Joe. (Not that I had much to start with....)
            You drool over your love interest, I'll stay over here and drool over mine. At least we're not competing :p.
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    oh god I just ADORE Alyson. according to her twitter she's the nicest person ever.
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    What should I say? I am in the struggling section for more than 2 years. I am an engineer but I like online marketing and working from home. I am a huge fan of photography. I own a DSLR camera with couple of lenses. But I don't do photography professionally.
    I have left my 9/5 job. and Now I am totally Jobless. I don't know what my passion is. I don't know what is my future
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    You don't need to have to be passionate about a subject to be successful. Instead, you can find niches other people are passionate for.

    Another option is to do something that is helpful to people. If you need to feel good about something, pick a cause and develop a plan around that theme.
    Discover the fastest and easiest ways to create your own valuable products.
    Tons of FREE Public Domain content you can use to make your own content, PLR, digital and POD products.
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    Awesome post. I was lucky I guess - my passion is computers and video games! Have dozens of game sites and can join the 50K WOW club.

    It really DOES help if you can mix your passions with a niche but ONLY if there is also a market there and you can connect with the market.

    Most of the time if it is your passion you can.
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        Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

        Was that your post that Fin linked me to above? If not, would you care to share how you did it? I'm fascinated by WoW and I've been playing since June 2011, so I have a lot of experience/knowledge in the game now. I'd love to translate that to a full-time income.

        -- j
        Hey J,

        No that is not me - same name is all.

        My first sale was actually a WOW leveling guide so it went hand in hand with creating my own.

        Created my own wow leveling guide, gold guide and recently a mists of pandaria guide as well.

        Basically got all that together - a few posts on some of the top blogs in the niche via guest posting, some quality content and with the hungry crowd it equals $$$'s!

        I will say however that in my experience WOW is not as good as it once was - with other MMO's out there - but it is still good.

        Just share your knowledge via a blog OR write a guide - if you know the game you can help people.

        Auction house strategies, leveling guides even tell people how to upgrade their gear and not get "ganked" all the time. (Not a typo - J will know what I mean)

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    This is something 100% I've struggled with. I know that I did not come with a passion instilled in me at all. I've been able to find things I'm passionate about for a short amount of time but not many that have completely engaged me.

    One thing I'm also noticing is that I have things that I'm passionate about but don't feel qualified to write about or think they can't be monetized. And yet, I keep on having this feeling that it's EXACTLY those things that I should be doing.

    Another facet to add to this discussion is this - if you do know your passion, are you afraid of actually pursuing it because it means so much to you? I doubt there's a LOT of people with that complex but I'm sure it exists.
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    "Finding your passion" is one of those corny and 'sorta stupid' rules people love to talk about.

    You don't need any passion to wake up every day and work. Needing to pay your bills should be enough to get your motor started every day.

    It's a lot like the advice to find 'life balance.' How many people who ever got rich in business were 'balanced?'

    The worst advice of all: "you can have it all." No you most certainly cannot. Case in point: "37 year old pregnant women killed while base jumping!" She couldn't 'have it all' after all. She should have focused on her unborn infant and eliminated the adventuring! Life is all about tradeoffs and compromises.
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