Weight loss PLR product that ISN'T articles, reports, or ebooks?

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Hey Warriors!

I'm finishing up my first list building site in the weight loss niche. Yay!

The main give-away for the subscription incentive is a 7-day free email course. As an extra "surprise bonus" I'd wanted to give my subscribers another free downloadable product.

The trick is I want to give them something that is "ancillary" or "tangential" to the types of info products I'll be offering through a drip system. Something that has good perceived value, but also doesn't cause my subscribers to not want to purchase a higher priced course... For example, I don't want the prospect thinking... "Hey, I downloaded this cool ebook for free, so don't think I need to spend $97 on this new program..."

I scoured the WSOs and spent a couple hours googling and came across some rebrandable software that looked promising, but these contained "bugs" so don't feel comfortable distributing those.

So, I'm a bit stumped at the moment....

Main thrust of the list is "general" weight loss... learn how to lose weight fast, safely, and permanently, that sort of thing.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks for any input!

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    Maybe you should give them some kind of a PLR/MRR fitness or exercise video course! If It's PLR ,change the name and the cover of the course!
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      I just sent you a PM with some ideas.

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        How about: Weight loss calculator online
        Fitness DVD's (muscle building and weight loss)
        Home office workout DVD's
        Kettlebell DVD's as part of your weight loss routine

        I realize the above depends on what your final product may be. These are some examples I have seen in the past.

        Hope this is useful,

        Curtis McElroy

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          I would recommend a video course. There are some good plr videos out there that you can use.

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    Why not cookbooks? Or even something like an exercise video??

    keep moving forward

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    Exercise videos, vegetarian cooking will work. There may be vendors on clickbank that give their affiliates videos to promote their products. you can also send ten questions to an expert and ask them to answer the questions and make it into a pdf
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    Some great ideas folks, thanks!

    For now I've decided to go with a "healthy cookbook", found a decent PLR one... I think my subscribers will find this useful, but it's also ancillary to the types of offers I'll be sharing with them via the drip system, so shouldn't affect sales negatively.

    Thanks again folks!

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