Some of us wake up, others roll over

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Hi all

This may be a bit off topic, but I will risk it. I thought it might inspire some of you guys and gals.

I just had a bit of a coup with one of my websites. I only noticed that there was a 2000% increase in traffic for no reason. It was only after a bit of studious Googlification that I found out our website was mentioned on Irish TV and recommended highly at that! Nice one! My wife and I have been plugging away at this particular website for about four months and now we seem to be doing it the right way - slowly, with great content. I was also contacted today by a media company looking for a contact for the 'influential blogger'! Hey, if the hat fits

The funny thing is I was the music I was listening to (very loudly) on my headphones. The band is Public Image Limited (PIL), a bit of a post-punk group from the eighties. There is one of their songs I really like - it's bright, energetic, loud and fiery. Not to everybodys taste, but mine

The song is actually called 'Warrior' - hence me sharing this here! Even though I am not sure the lyrics originally meant, they suddenly made sense to me in my situation. Burning the midnight oil, being inspired, having huge hairy audacious goals and not getting sucked into the wage-slave mentality that many people live and die with, never opening their eyes to the possibilities, the dramas, the huge ups and downs of being an entreprenuer, and the sense of accomplishment when it WORKS!

These are the lyrics - perhaps a good theme tune for the Warriors Forum?
I'll never dismount
I ride the tiger
Crosses are ladders
Leading to heaven
Keep the candle burning
Bright in the window
It's the only light
I'll see tonight
Beggars can't be choosers
Shrouds have no pockets
Some of us wake up
Others roll over
(Edit - not sure if the Warrior forum want a video embedded here for copyright reasons. If you search for 'PIL Warrior' in YouTube it is there)

Perhaps others might share their own epiphanies?
As Hannibal from the A-Team said, "I love it when a plan comes together".

Over and out

#roll #wake
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    Congratulations on your TV mention! That's pretty cool, especially after just 4 months.
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      Scary fact number 1: I remember that song. Could I really have been alive for this long? And remember 80's music so clearly? Gah.

      Scary fact number 2: Your pic made me laugh Seamus. The extra glint off your "bald head" was just TOO funny. And cute at the same time.

      Scary fact number 3: George Peppard (Hanibal Lector from the A-team) was one of the first crushes I had - from reruns of "Banacek." Yes, I say RERUNS - there is no way I could possibly be old enough to remember a 70's show. Peppard was up there with Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood for me. Ah, back in the day...

      Congratulations on your media mention, Seamus! That is great for you, and it is good motivation for the rest of us. I particularly like the message of "great content" as it speaks to my personal ethic and beliefs - and "great content" SHOULD be rewarded in a perfect world! So, maybe the world is a little closer to "perfect" than "yucky" after all.

      Again, big congrats on your success!!!

      Best Regards, Georgetta
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        Hi Seamus,

        I like the 'that what is not' album by PIL, although as a kid their 'public image' single was a staple part of my punk collection.

        As for your avatar, I've said it before but -


        Roger Davis

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