Freelance Home Writers - Anyone else heard of them?

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I signed up for this trial course and they took card details for a very small fee. It was to enable you to learn all about how to write articles for other people and make a living.

Well, the trial was only a day or two away from finishing and Ididn't want to go beyond the trial, but when I tried to login I couldn't get back into the site. I also tried their telephone number dialling from the UK, but the number went dead.

I got the heads up from Costa Dedes, and my only concern is that they are going to try to charge me even though I can't get through to them?

Has anyone else heard of them at all?

Perhaps being in the UK I am not allowed access, but I never read that???

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    A quick google brought up quite a few complaints - you could probably contact your card company and let them know what's going on so they can put a hold on any upcoming charges from that company if you are concerned. The site did load on my end - it appears they are selling monthly memberships to the jobs database for $50.

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      I know this doesn't help in this situation with the Freelance Home Writers, but Paypal has a nifty thing that I use for any free trials to make sure they never charge my card if I cancel. Maybe they have something similar for the UK people, also.

      Over here they call it the Paypal Virtual MasterCard. You login to your Paypal account, and you can assign a virtual Mastercard number to use at any website which takes credit cards. That card number can only be used on that site. When you make a charge on that card, it comes out of your paypal balance, or from one of your backup sources you have assigned.

      If you get near the end of your trial, and want to cancel it, you just cancel your trial and also you cancel that virtual Mastercard. Now, since the card has been cancelled, they cannot ever charge you for stuff you didn't want. They also don't have your real credit card number.

      It gives you the control over who charges you and who doesn't.

      Perhaps you can look into this so that you don't have to worry again about if people like this Freelance Home Writers will be charging your card. It will let you use free trials for anything you are interested in, without the worry.

      Good luck to you with these people. I hope that it all turns out OK.

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