Does Banner Advertising on WF work?

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Hello everyone!

I am thinking about promote a product via banner advertising here in warrior forum

Do you have experience with it? It works? how many people can click a "good banner"?

thank you
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    I don't think there is any question that it works - you see the same people, running the same banners, for days sometimes so at $100 a pop or whatever it is now they're obviously not just doing it for their health

    But I'm sure everyone is just going to tell you the same thing - it's going to vary wildly depending on your banner, your offer, your sales funnel, the color of your socks that day etc... etc...
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    Doesn't work for me. I rarely got any clicks at all from 5+ day banners and 0 sales total. Though mine is a service not a product.
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    Sure does. I'm running a banner right now and am quite pleased with the number of clicks I'm getting. Too early to say what the ROI will be.

    Totally depends on your offer, copy etc...
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    I'd reiterate what pdrs is saying. I've seen people running banner ads on here for 3 months, everyday, at $100/day. Either they are trying to spend embezzled mob money or they are making profit. I'd guess free offers/list-building probably gets the most clicks & conversions.
    Give it a shot

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    You can go for it.
    look at the main page of the warrior forum and see how many people are on the other page.
    right know 3600 people are viewing the main internet marketing discussion forum.
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      I'll tell you what:

      First, I'm one of the Warriors that don't even see the banners anymore.

      Few months ago, I started using AdBlock and it wasn't actually until yesterday I noticed I wasn't seeing banners here anymore (yesterday I logged in from my phone and saw the banners).

      SO...considering how many Warriors are a little more "in-the-know" than the average surfer, I wonder how many Warriors DON'T SEE THE ADS AROUND HERE (business that advertisers are potentially loosing).

      Consider that.

      Last, for what it's worth, during the time previous when I did see the banners for months on end, I noticed A LOT of the same advertisers buying banners over a course of several months -- the ONLY explanation for this is that they were getting a return on their investment.

      I've also read threads where some members were complaining they were getting just about no clicks which sparked micro-debates on how good the banner was designed, what service they were offering and so fourth.

      Final thought:

      1. Take a day or two and take a look at the kinds of banners that are popping up (remember they have to meet a certain design standard) and design an eye-catching banner in as few words as possible.

      2. Take a test run and pay the $100 or so dollars and see what kind of return you get.
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        Take a test run and pay the $100 or so dollars and see what kind of return you get.
        As so much depends on offer, ad, etc. this is the only way to find out.
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          I tried getting one a while ago but the queue seemed to be endless...I gave up. What is going on there, how long are the wait times usually? I think I waited about 2 months or so, submitting a ticket wasn't of much help either.

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            Yeah, I heard about that queue, and I found a WSO once that explained how to get your foot into the queue.

            Anyway, considering that WSO's now cost $40, this $100 ad is likely to get you a whole lot more visibility for not THAT much more money, so with a good ad I could definitely see how it could be worth the trouble of trying to get one...

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    I have been trying different banners, you can probably get some kind of tracking system in place as well so you can test to see which banner gets more clicks and converts to a bigger ROI for you.

    Some of my banners I tried we're getting 140+ clicks, others just 60+. It really depends on your design and banner content. I'm also noticing that some days work better than others but that's difficult to work out exactly.

    Even though, still with just 60 clicks for $100 bucks it is well worth it as the quality of traffic is quite good on WF for the AM/IM niche. Then again, this also depends on your offer, sales funnel etc etc.

    Banner spots seem to become available at random times so it pays off to keep checking occasionally if a spot has become available.

    Good luck!


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    The real truth of the matter is that banner ads do work. However, most people are long giving up on then, before they test and tweak.

    We have ads on many forums for many niches, why? really cant get much more targeted than that!!!

    But you will want to split test ads, headlines, but the most important thing to remember is that simple or ugly banners work best. I should know as I have pumped lots of money into media buys and banner ads, with very impressive and intresting results.

    My biggest and best banner ad, is ugly red text bold headline with a red border, and a big clickhere words on the right. Its our best banner ad to date, and looks very ugly. LOL
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