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Hey warriors.

Listen, I wanted to throw out a cool strategy I implemented recently that's working to help me gain some new leads.

Y'all can comment on it if you want. I'm always open to criticism.

But here's what I did:

I had an optin page for a simple autoresponder course. It converts at 58%. No, I'm not joking, either.

On the back end, I have a Free One Time Offer. The content from the autoresponder series comes from a guide I have giveaway rights to.

I offer the entire book for doing one of two things.

1) Send an email to 2 friends. I used Mike Filsaime's Viral Friend Generator for that one. It's an oldie, but a goodie.

2) They could follow me on twitter a send a pre-written tweet with a tinyurl to my site.

I've gotten a few doing the email route, and barely any using the twitter route. We'll see.

I figure, if I'm doing an ad swap with someone, and they're plugging my opt-in page, why not go viral with it, without any type of financial pressure involved?

Everything is free, and the autoresponder highlights portions of the book anyway. The email ads are sent in between all content emails.

Any comments, suggestions, thanks?
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    While it's not new, two things I think of. For one, if your giving away some one else's products, you promoting them and not yourself.

    Second, with all the free stuff, you might be gaining mostly freebie seekers that might not buy?

    Just a thought.
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    Yes, any optin page is only getting freebie seekers and tire kickers. That's a given. It's up to the marketing that happens AFTERWARDS, that filters the customers from the cheapskates.
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      Bro...thanks for the tips on list building. You sound familiar to me. Anyways I like your style!
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