How Do You Use Social Networking Sites?

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Hi all,

I am new to Social Networking and wanted to know the best ways to generate leads on those sites?

Do you use a special software for posting?
Do you do it all manually?

Do you find this form of marketing profitable - meaning good way to generate leads and sign ups ?

How do you work the social networking sites?


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    yes ive found social networking better than social bookmarking sites.
    you can buy software to add friends on myspace but you can just do this yourself & gradually you will learn to post links/messages to promote. & if your site is good it sticks.
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    For me, Myspace has been insanely profitable.

    As far as generating traffic and list of prospects is concerned, Myspace etc are great for that as well. You have to be consistent. You can use automated softwares for that though.

    I have actually put together a 7 part video series to help understand the basics of online traffic. See the first link in my sig.
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