Are you guys still using craigslist?

by bugzy
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Are you guys still using it? or are you using it as part of your business?

Seriously, I haven't even tried using it because of their site's crappy design and seemed like most of the ads there are spams.

Are they even strict when it comes to spam ads?
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    Yes Every Day!!! And successfully !!
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    I use it to get signup.

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  • I tried using CL in my earlier days, but I could never generate a sale from it. That was back before I realized how valuable having leads can be though, so I haven't tried CL for that.
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    I haven't tried using it in awhile now... but then, when I did try in the past, I wasn't so successful using it either, though my niche appears to be a much more difficult one to get people to buy.. everyone seems to feel that they're entitled to free exclusive work for some reason. Lol. I'm going to try it again though next week and put it as one of my tasks for the week to post ads on CL as well as Backpage for that matter.
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    Still using it an have been for years. If you can get past the filters and ghosting you can generate serious leads and sales from Craigslist. Consistent posting will guaranteed you a steady flow of leads with whatever you are promoting.
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    Craigslist is a powerful place to get leads.
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    I still use it. Somehow the design doesn't bother me anymore...
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    I use it to generate network marketing leads. Works extremely well.

    Rob Whisonant
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    Yes...Craiglist brings me several leads every day!
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    I personally use CL for arbitrage. Many great deals there that can be easily resold elsewhere for a nice mark up....
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  • Any software out there for posting on craigslist?
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    Dude I have more than 5 members working for me in Creglist
    Spending a lot in there and getting effective results too.
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    I believe that craigslist is a good way to get traffic to your site. I post fresh ads ones in a week and I think everyone should give it a try.
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    Yes, Im like posting on craiglist like everyday. It's very helpful for Local SEO.
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    Craigslist is awesome! I usually make $100-$200+ a day there. If you haven't at least experimented with some marketing strategies on CL, you're missing out on some cash! Give it a try
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  • I'd be thrilled to see how someone is using Craigslist successfully. Are you posting in for sale? small biz? Are you linking to your offers?
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    Unfortunately you do not have much idea about craigslist. It is really great. If you know how to market it then you would earn huge amount of money.
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  • Are you using image advertisements and linking out to your offers or text advertiesemtnts? Are you letting them email you and placing your links out in your email? You doing affiliate products? Hard products or informational?
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    I used to use it.. don't know why I ever stopped.

    I want to start using it again for my new consulting business.

    I've heard big success stories from Craigslist ads.

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    Yes I use it for CPA offers.
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    I'm working on a bot to automatize the process of placing posts, maybe someone can inform me by Skype or PM what features you will like to see in the bot, because I am new to craigslist.
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    Yes craigslist is incredible. It all comes down to one thing, your headlines and copy. You can see what your competitors are doing for ideas, but realize that 90% of them have no idea how to write copy.

    So stealing their copy or ads is the worst decision you can make. Modeling your copy off theirs is another bad decision.

    Before I write my ads, my "special technique" is to go on Amazon first. People have no idea how great Amazon is for writing copy. Jay Abraham has talked about this before. Headlines can't be copyrighted, some of these people invest thousands in testing, so you have a huge tool to leverage your ads with.

    Although its better to just use their headlines for ideas, you always want to learn how to write your own copy (ideally).

    On a small scale, CL is very profitable for us. We may get 10-15 calls a week, convert 3-5 of them, and those jobs sell sometimes in the 5 digit range. Also, I'm not saying this to create false limitations & demand, but please don't pm me asking me to coach you. It takes far too much time to do.

    There was already a point I was trying to advise people, but it takes too much time. The point is to STICK WITH IT. That's the most important part. The main problem we have now is scaling things up, as CL is a serious PITA to work with sometimes. So I just keep posting on a small scale. But one of these days our posting needs to be scaled. Which is why we plan on hiring our own posting service.

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    Every marketing effort is worth. And CL is a giant. Never forget classifieds because only buyers come to classified sites. So make it a habit from today.
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      Whilst we don't use CL, we do use UK "version" = Gumtree ...

      Both advertising & answering requests, we have picked up a "few" contracts & plenty of one off sales of sites & videos.

      Arbitrage ....... someone earlier mentioned that & if CL is as successful as Gumtree is, then that IS something to investigate

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    Yes, if I am lucky I get 1 sale a week ($178.00) per sale.
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    I've been using Craigslist to sell some of my things that I don't need anymore or whenever I have to hire someone's services. Despite the very simple design, craigslist has been helpful for me.

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    Make me wonder... Why aren't they making any re-design on their website.. they're like very 90ish that makes them look a spammy website.
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  • For me CL is the best place to place ads.. be used to it..
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    I don't use it, but I don't think it's as useful for those of us outside the US, unless we are targeting US users of course.
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    I use it for other things but not for my work. Craigslist however can be useful for personal and business use. I recommend for business try free traffic methods that will rank in google organically that is better in my opinion.
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    CL still works, no doubt about it, but it can be a pain in the neck to deal with when first starting out. The key is to find copy that works, run it consistently and then "scale up", as they say. We are currently running successful campaigns for offline lead generation.

    The secret ? Test, test, test... and find a few ads that have been running for a good while and begin to copy their style... most likely they are working !
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    I agree with you guys Craigslist WORKS! It works very well if you learn how to use it. Its a gold mine for people desperately searching for work who consider other ways of making money. They are very strict so to keep using them you will have to get a little sophisticated in staying off their radar. If you can avoid getting ghosted and flagged it can become a gold mine.
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    I use it once in a while and get some success from there,
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    Does anyone know how to get phone verified accounts now adays?

    It's like, denying all of my numbers (lol wtf)

    I have 2 skype numbers and it's denying those.

    Does anyone know how to bypass?

    Would a google number work?

    Please PM me if you know, thanks

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    Well, I personally use Craigslist to find jobs on the sideline. Other than that, I don't if Craigslist has any other use for me. LOL...
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