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What do you do to get your sites ranking organically in the search engines?

Is there a way to do it quicker?

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    Originally Posted by netmomof2 View Post

    What do you do to get your sites ranking organically in the search engines?

    Is there a way to do it quicker?
    Try to find some expired domain with backlinks and pagerank and use it for new webpage.
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      The fastest way is to do the John Reese method - Buy the site that is already in number one spot.
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        Link your site to as many high traffic sites and send it plenty of traffic.
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          Apply some basic on-page SEO to your site (Keywords in title, headline, body, etc..)
          and go and get alot of high PR backlinks(prefferred 4+)

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          There are ways, many ways to get listed quickly. The best I've come across recently was in a WSO by Pete Drew using his Badass ideas.

          In short it's simply a matter the leveraging web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger and the like with RSS feeds.

          For fear of making this sound like a plug, Pete's putting all this into a single software package that if it proves as potent as doing it manually will get you listed for medium difficulty terms not just once or twice but often for most of the first page.

          He's calling it Brute Force SEO. Google it as it's certainly one I would keep an eye on.

          I'm sure there are others but I've pretty much stuck with the badass stuff since discovering it a while back.

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            Use videos, social bookmarking, article distribution (including placement on the "web 2.0" sites). Pay attention to sites that rank in the top 50 that allow you to place your content on them and do just that. Focus on long tailed buying phrases first for quicker results while building for the more competitive phrases over time.
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              Yeah, pay for it. Use a link building service like linkvana. Start building up your own link farms.

              People really have no clue how easy it is.
              1. Build 2 sites (2-5 pages) a week. Make them general so that they can be linked to on the fly. ex. make a sports site. If you are really lazy learn how to scrape content to beef up the spider food. Add your own content as well. Use Free blogs, squidoo pages, hub pages, your own domains...ect.
              2. Every once in a while, revisit your sites and add a little more content. Once again, if you are lazy, you can just automate the process. DO NOT LINK TO YOUR MONEY SITES UNTIL YOU HAVE PAGE RANK.
              3. Outsource a link building strategy. For instance, you can pay someone $20 to submit your sites to the directories. Work out a deal with them. Barter.
              4. After a year, you will have 104 sites that you can link your sites up to.
              5. Repeat the process.
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