$25 for warrior who can do this...

by David Raybould 12 replies
hey guys,

I've got an optin form on one of my sites which has suddenly stopped working.

It's been fine for over a year, but recently I've stopped getting subscribers. No idea why.

I've spoken to aweber and there's nothing they can do, it's all fine their end, and so they advised me to get someone who knows a little about code to look into it.

I suspect it's something very simple that I've altered or removed while doing routine editing etc, but I haven't been able to find it, despite pulling my hair out several times

I'd be super grateful if anyone could check it out for me, and if you can let me know how to fix it I'll paypal you $25 immediately

I don't want to post the url here for obvious reasons, but if you let me know I'll PM you the address.

Thanks in advance, this is driving me crazy!

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