Facebook ads can dramatically increase offline sales and brand recognition

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See article Facebook to Advertisers: Users Don’t Have to Click for It to Pay Off | WebProNews

This article is very timely for me and my personal experience with FB advertising for my online silver jewellery store Lintara Silver Jewellery Store

At first I was disappointed with the result as although we managed to build our facebook following somewhat we were still getting little conversions in terms of online sales generated by the ad.

I was considering scrapping the campaign, which had a budget of $6.00 per day however I was starting notice quite a dramatic rise in my offline sales. After letting it run now for a couple of more months this theory has all but been confirmed with my average take for a day selling my products at local markets has doubled from $700 per day to $1400 per day.

There may be other contributing factors however the numbers are too strong, I don't do any other form of advertising and I've been selling these products at the local markets for 10 years and have never seen such a steep increase in sales over such a short period of time. I'd have to put this down to the fact that up until now our brand had no exposure whatsoever to first time customers other than our signage at the markets.

As I targeted the facebook campaign locally and with a local reach in excess of 12000 people per week, I was accidentally creating brand recognition in our local area, when I originally went into the campaign purely to generate online sales.

So all in all, based on my personal experience, I will not be taking down my facebook ads anytime soon!

Anyone else had similar experiences?
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    Thanks for the read.

    I have been hearing a lot of good things about Facebook ads recently.

    Time to explore more, I think.
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    FB is a waste of time for some markets and good for others. Nothing beats Adwords and email marketing, but I can see how some local targeted ad placement could build exposure so that people kind of "keep it in mind" - just like it used to be with the daily newspapers.
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