How To Turn Your Hard Drive Into A Cash Cow Virtually Overnight!

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Going through my archives and found this... may be relevant for you...

If you've been searching for, wishing for or in any other way brain-storming on what
to package up and sell, there's a heavy cash minting system sitting right on YOUR
hard-drive and you don't even know it.

Now tell me, when was the last time you looked through the files on your hard drive?
More likely than not, there's already a heavy cash minting system sitting right on it
and you haven't even noticed it!

If you take some time right now and LOOK, you might be pleasantly surprised at the
the kind of valuable money-making gems you will likely turn up!

I've spent the past eight weeks wading through my old files and then re-writing and
setting up a whole series of little killer strategies that I'm going to share with you in
bits 'n pieces. I got ALL of this information from OLD forgotten tips and tricks that I
never really had the time to finish up.

Today, I've even managed to set up a whole new package bringing me in a minimum
of $100 a sale (some of it from forgotten master-mind gems of information on my

Hundreds of savvy people use the same kind of information to make $100's of
thousands of dollars for themselves and associates! -- They're just NOT telling YOU
about it..;-)

The first report in my series of killer strategies is this one you're reading now, I gave
it the weird little title above since this is what helped me to find an almost endless sea
of hot information to write up, package together and be making money almost
overnight without having to do much research or brainstorming of hot-selling topics!

It's very simple to use this technique to find HOT information and if you've been
around any length of time, you'll be in the best position to implement it everyday of
the week, starting today.

Like I said earlier, I spent eight weeks using this technique and boy did I have a
ball!..;-) I still am right now wading through my hard-drive, past notes and old audio
tapes. Besides saving me so much time and BRAIN-work, it's fun and great to see
how much valuable information I had stashed away - for the rainy day!

Like I said, if you've been in your current business for any length of time, you would
be quite "guilty" too of making notes of your ideas, flash thoughts and every other
little thing that comes to mind about your business.

Now, if that's true and you've been keeping that information away safely, now could
be the best time to go scrape it out, dust it off and blow up the valuable little tid bits
you find into FULL-BLOWN money-making reports, other forms of infoproducts or
even service ideas you've wanted to work on but later kept away for any reason!

You can be using this to make a ton of money.
Here's how this applies to me. Maybe you can learn something from it as well (it
happens with me several times each week)...

I would start searching through my hard-drive or old notepads for old files, jottings
etc when quite suddenly I'd stumble across another old report, idea, or half-finished
project completely UNRELATED to what I was initially searching for!

That would be the beginning of turning project X into a hot new report that I can give
away (like this one) or package up and sell like much of what I have already!

In many cases, the files or other jottings I stumble across would turn out to be some
stuff I'd tried to set up months earlier but which I never quite finished. I'd pick them
up, brush them up, set everything up in minutes, and in a few hours I'd have a hot
"NEW" package I can send out to generate traffic or be making money - all from my
formerly forgotten gems of wisdom!

I guess this kind of information can be likened to good wine. The longer it stays on
your hard drive, the better and more matured it becomes;-)

It's a funny comparison, but trust me, if you've been around any length of time, there's
probably some old forgotten stuff YOU could turn into money right away!

At least with me this is what happens:-) Anyway I'm convinced I'm not the only one
with a hard-drive full of valuable unfinished information.

All these things are just waiting to be found again, polished up and used to start
pumping out money like an ATM. So, when was the last time YOU looked through
the files on YOUR hard-drive? Make a note to do this several times weekly.

It doesn't have to be information on your hard-drive, it can be information you jotted
down on some old notepads, or recorded on some old audio or video tapes. Just go
look through your OLD stuff, I guarantee you'll find something in there you can repcakage
and sell to the public for REAL money.

I'm using this tactic and I'm sure I'm not the only one with a gold-mine of past ideas,
tips, tricks and techniques thrown away and forgotten under the pressures of everyday
business and family life.
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