What's the colour of money?

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Do you guys put a lot of thought into what colour scheme to use on a web site?

I did a quick bit of research and saw what some colours are supposed to represent, but do you take this into account when creating graphics and colour schemes for new projects? Or do you just go with what looks right?

I haven't done any testing, and I'm sure that's the advice that will come back to me, but was just curious.

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    Go with what TESTS right... blue has always conveyed warmth and trust. Red has always gotten people stoked and alarmed. Yellow tends to brighten peoples disposition. Green suggests money and growth and Black suggests secretive or covert.

    Know what you want your product and pitch to convey and choose accordingly.

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    I always trust my designer when it comes to mixing and matching colors. I'm bad with it that's why i had to hire someone who's good at designing and choosing the colors for me. I just had to tell him, i am a minimalist so no fancy combination of colors for me.
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