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Does anyone know how to make money with file-sharing websites or how to one would get traffic to a new file sharing website?
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    You could promote affiliate programs for software which scans your computer for registry problems or antivirus, etc. Things related to computers.
    Also on each link you could use javascript which will display ads and pays you a little.
    That's my ideas so far, but never wanted to go into building a file sharing website myself.
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      Does anyone know to get traffic to a file-sharing website..should I offer pay per upload to affiliates?
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    I believe some file sharing sites do pay per download but its a chicken and egg problem. You're going to need some files initially to gain some traction. Perhaps Google Trends can give you some insight into what people are trying to download atm. Its a bit grey and shady doing this approach.
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      Sorry, misread post! I would start by hosting open source/free stuff that you can get permission for. Put together collections of free for use graphics and host that as well. Just find stuff to host. Now you will start picking up SEO peoples seaching for whatever it is you are hosting since I assume you designed to have pages rank for each hosted file. Once people are on it, pitch them to sign up for a free or paid account or display your ads there...

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    You are about year too late!.... All the ones making big bucks have been shut down/changed business models... Gone are the days of illegally copying games and porn and putting them on file sharing websites that pay you for each download. LOL
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      Go to a file sharing site and see which banner ads are being run on a consistent basis.

      No need to reinvent the wheel.
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