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Greetings warriors! It's my first thread here in WF and I hope this won't be binned immediately. I just want to share the new website that I just thought could help each and everyone of us for some way or the other. This website is called SocialPinPlus. It's a social exchange platform in which members can exchange their social profiles namely Facebook pages, Twitter followers, Digg votes, etc. I know there are lots of same platforms out there (but I"ll feel bad if I say those sites in here), and since I know as well that my website is just new, then I need to have some sort of promotion or giveaways. That's why I decided to make the signup points to 300 points. This will be returning back to normal after a week, which is 100 points. But after a week, I will give away coupons, and maybe some VIP privilege. Being VIP, you have more chance of having likes, followers, votes, etc. because your profile/page will always be at the beginning of the list.

And ultimately, I have plans of having free tutorials on how you can use this platform to make money. If you need quick cash to earn because you really want to buy an amazing WSO from this forum, then you need to watch out for the official launch of the main website.

So without further ado, here's the website that I am talking about.

I even made the referral points a little bit higher, and this will also run for a week. You can post your referral link here and take advantage of this opportunity.

Happy social exchanging!
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