Why you may be struggling more than you really have to in Internet Marketing

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Wondering why some parts of marketing your business
is easy while others make you want to take a baseball
bat to your computer screen?

For me, writing copy, coming up with ideas, and doing
most of the marketing doesn't bother me, but when it
comes do to certain parts (like looking at stats,
conversions, playing around with AdSense, etc.) drives
me up the wall.

And no wonder none of the parts that drive me crazy
are any of my strengths.

Recently I've been working on really zeroing in on
my strengths in Internet Marketing - which is something
that I wish I did YEARS ago.

I took a test and now I'm reading a few books on
finding and working with your strengths. By the time
I'm all said and done with this process, my Internet
businesses will be given a complete makeover and
I'll have others working on the things that I'm not
good at. (Making sure that the things I need done
are the persons strength.)

Here is the first test I took:
http://www.kolbe.com/all_kolbe_index...extype=kolbe_a (direct link, not an affiliate link
and I'm not affiliated with them in any way.)

Link to their main page:

Note: They charge you to see the results, but it's
worth it.

I think ESPECIALLY for newbies starting off in Internet
Marketing, learning your strengths really needs to be
the first step.

You'll avoid burn out and countless frustrations. And
heck, it may even save you from information overload!

Some of the courses, ebooks, videos, etc. that you
are learning from may be having you do things to
start/market your business that is not one of your
strengths. So if you're feeling a lot of resistance and
you're burning out quickly - that may be the reason!

For those who have been around the block for awhile,
it's a good idea to take a step back once in awhile and
evaluate where and who you are, along with your

I think we tend to keep ours heads down and blinders
down in the Internet Marketing world and often forget
this important step... to focus only on work that uses
out unique abilities and do what we can to find others
who can do the rest.
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    Also WebCeo offers a great course about Internet Marketing. This is great for newbiest too.
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    I don't have much faith in tests like that which require you to answer subjective questions about yourself - it's too easy to fool yourself and answer the questions the way you would like things to be, rather than how they really are.

    If they charge for the results, it really stinks that they don't tell you that until after you waste time answering all the questions and giving out way too much personal info.
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      Not sure about the tests either, but I think this is a great idea. You definitely need to find your strengths and focus on those and hire other people to do the stuff you're not good at. Your time is worth something, so why waste it on stuff that won't get you very good results. I always look at it like, yeah I may have to spend $50 to have someone do this task that I could do. However, I hate doing it and it stresses me out. By hiring someone I know it will be done well, correct, and it will be stress free for me. PLUS I get the time I normally would spend on that task back to work on something else that will be more productive. Great post!
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    Don't always try to learn and know everything, there are some stuff you can always hire people to do for you. Hire professionals to get the best out for your campaigns.

    Thank you.
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