What would you do with the domain grandtheftgta.com?

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Hi, I got a little overly excited and bought this domain because it has low competition and the keyword is searched for almost 85,000,000 times a month. However, once I bought the domain I couldn't figure what to do with it. If this domain belonged to you what would you do with it? Do you think it is worth working on? Do you want it, lol?

Don't bother looking at the website because its a mess - installed wordpress really quickly and haven't been working on it at all.


www.grandtheftgta.com (is the domain name)
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    Reminds me of the game grand theft auto. Maybe you can work that in somehow. Sell video games.

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      Originally Posted by twinkenterprises View Post

      Reminds me of the game grand theft auto. Maybe you can work that in somehow. Sell video games.
      I agree with this. Especially with all the current hype and buzz surrounding the latest game to be released from the franchise, GTA V.

      Build a fan site around it, posting the latest news etc, then posts links to pre-orders etc on Amazon or other networks, where you can start to generate sales.
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    Is that game still out? Popular? Find someone that offers cheats or that is a "guru" for that game and see if they are interested.

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    well google adwords keyword tool said its low competition. I guess i could create some sort of fan website out of it... hmm..
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    Even if you just get some articles up there and can get traffic to the site you can probably sell the site before the new gta game comes out.
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    Well, you don't really have much choice. With this domain, pretty much the only thing you can do is dedicate your site to GTA series.

    Post news, cheats, skins, mods, walkthroughs, videos, forum, etc involving GTA.
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    Probably nothing. I Imagine that's close enough that they can issue a cease and desist claiming copywrite if they want to.
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      Originally Posted by BM Prelaunch View Post

      how you get this domain
      I bought it lol. I'll sell it to you if you want to buy it. I am not a big fan of the GTA series. Do you think I should keep the domain and work on it anyways or just give it (sell it) to someone who is more passionate about the games?
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    In Ontario we have Toronto Ontario called the gta or greater toronto area.Maybe someone in Toronto could give some ideas.
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    Just like someone said above you can set up the site around the Grand Theft Auto series.

    Yes there is a new GTA V coming out hopefully in the spring, but I have tons of friends who still play GTA: San Andreas.

    This is still a hugely popular game

    So cheat code, written walkthroughs, videos walkthroughs, tips and tricks, hidden objects maps, etc

    I would also search to see if there are any cups, shirts, jackets, etc that might have that kind of branding that you could also promote.

    And of course have links to other sites built around other game titles.

    You could setup a forum that is all about the GTA series and create a community and charge for banner advertising space (which I think would be better than adsense)
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    You got excited by figures that mean nothing im afraid a false understanding.

    You should be looking at ticking the "exact" match box on the keyword tool you will see there is no where near 85 million searches maybe 0.

    You should also not pay attention to the competition box in relation to SEO, the competition is to do with Adwords competition. As in how many advertisers are wanting to put ads on the front page of google for that keyword.

    Competition has absolutely no relation to how easy it is or isnt to rank for it.

    You are also likely infringing on copyright with the name

    Conclusion you've just had a $9 (or however much it cost) lesson to do research correctly and now you know how...

    Forget about it and make sure you dont have auto-renew setup for next year.
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    Drop it before they drop a UDRP. Pretty sure that you will find that it is a trademarked term.
    Good luck. If they do send you a cease and desist letter. Give them the domain. Not a lawyer nor is this legal advice.
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    If I were you, I would build a nice site around the GTAV game which will be launched on Dec 31 this year. It is already generating a lot of buzz and you can still grab a pie of the traffic if you deliver good content related to the game. You can sell it afterwards if you wish or you can put ads or adsense on it. The choice is yours.
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    So some people say that it's a trademark term and to drop it and other people tell me to work on it - im quite confused.

    And thanks for the advice guys, I learned a lot.
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      Perhaps Grand Theft Auto GTA is trademarked, not sure about grand theft gta.

      There is definitely a problem with your 85 Million searches a month stats.
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    No offence, I am showing an exact search of a whopping 46 times a month globally for that term
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    Ya dude.. All info. Cheats, walkthroughs, guides, tips, tricks, etc..

    monetize with adsense and banners to amazon. This is one site you'll probably have to test alot of products with. Could build a list, but it's pretty specific to GTA franchise so it would just be something to play with.

    If you get it to start generating some revenue, I'd probably sell it..

    My two cents
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    Originally Posted by Naron Blaice View Post

    Doesn't it seem weird to you that a search term with 85 million searches has low competition? :p

    The difference between exact and broad keyword search

    OP checked it wrong. Exact searches for that keyword won't even be 1000 I guess!
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    As said above, you need to look at exact match and not broad.

    I am a massive fan of the GTA series, but you are going to have to do a really good job with this site or it won't be worth your time. There are too many 'walk-through' type sites that are really good.

    If you don't like the game, you probably won't have the patience to create a decent site. I would chalk this one up to experience.
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  • you could be done for trademark, but on the other hand you might be able to quickly flip it and make a nice profit of it.
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    If that was exact search that would be insane!
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    Okay, yeah i am not really passionate about the grand theft auto series. Soooo I will keep it for now - work on it from time to time - and then try to sell it to someone who is passionate about the game. Thanks for the suggestions!
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    GTA 5 is about set to drop.

    I would make a fan site for the entire Grand Theft Auto family of games with it. If you have time I'd go back and do reviews of all previous titles. You can go to GameFaqs dot com and grab a whole list of FAQs and Cheats for the game as well.

    The game is still VERY popular with not only younger but older gamers as well.

    Sell the games, sell the strategy guides, affiliate with Game-Fly, etc. Just a few suggestions.

    Don't focus on the money - focus on the plan!

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