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by rrm
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I've used postcards in the past for a local, very targeted list and it worked well for me.

I'm working on another venture but my outreach will be a whole lot farther and I want to use snail mail, namely, postcards in my direct mailing. I really want to push my offline media marketing.

I know I could use a search engine, but I would like some opinions first, a little social proof. Who would you recommend buying lists from? And why? I need a vendor with comprehensive lists (I have some weird types to market to), and I'd like to hear from anybody who has a fav (or someone to avoid!) Thanks!


(And, yep, I did use the search function, but I could not find the answers I was looking for.)
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    I've used Melissadata and like them a lot. I used it to market to absentee homeowners. The data was pretty fresh. I didn't get a ton of returned mail.

    Check out my latest blog post here.

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