Can you have multiple eBay accounts?

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I have a new product and I want to sell it on eBay...but I don't want to use my current Ebay ID or account. Is it ok to setup a second account, with your same name and info, just a different contact email address and different paypal email address?

I just want to know because I don't want to risk getting banned and losing my other account (the current one).

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  • Yes, you can have multiple eBay accounts. Most people will have one for selling and one for buying. You might want to check out the eBay discussion boards as there are some posts there that discuss this.

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    What about two seller accounts?
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      I have 2 - one is for business and one is for personal. I have both of them linked to different bank accounts and can buy and sell on both.

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    I have 3 accounts however currently I only use one. I used to use one for buying and the other 2 for selling to different niches. However I now use just the one for both, however the only time I sell anything on Ebay now is when its got to do with one of my hobbies when I sell an item for money for upgrading equipment and such.

    However though it is considered by some that is is better to have 1 account for selling and a separate account for buying things I, personally only believe that is true after you have used one account for both long enough to built up at least 100 100% positive feedback after that then IMHO it may be worthwhile opening a separate account for buying only. Once your feedback score reaches 100 total and 100% then my experience is that the number of successful auction you have will be great as a matter of fact I've only had on unsuccessful auction in 2 years.
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    When i was in my ebay powerseller days i had four accounts 2 for buying 2 for selling. The only thing you need to consider is that if 1 is suspended they all will be!
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    I have 4 Ebay accounts that I use for whatever I want to do. On one occasion I was locked out of one of them for several days. I just used one of the other ones. And NO, I was not locked out of the other 3 accounts.
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    Yes you can have that, as long as you can manage them. It is ok to have multiple account
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    Yes, a good point was made above.

    Unless you can 'fool' eBay into giving you two disctinct personalities, you can ahve multiple eBay accounts, as many as you wish, for yourself.

    However, if one defualts or contravenes the temrs and conditions, ALL get suspended, unless you set up a seperate account with differnet banking details and addresses and names and the like. However, I think that this maybe against the TOC so check it out first.

    Personally, I think it's better to have differnet accounts as if you are selling electronics, for instnace, the account will ahve a differnet vibe and look than if you are selling ebooks.


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    of course you can i have 3 lol but u dont need more then one unless your selling more then one product..
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    Yes you can
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    I have several EBay selling accounts which are used for niche specific sales
    the user names correspond with the products being sold
    Whilst my EBay manager is aware that all the accounts are owned and operated by my company there was never any issue when I set them up and they are all powerseller accounts in their own right.
    The only issue you may come across when setting up the accounts is that if you use the same credit card for all the accounts you may have to double verify that someone has not stolen your card as the system will raise aflag and send you a warning that your card is being used for another account.
    You will need to have Paypal as well but you can set a number of different email adresses in there.
    The only other issue is that your feed back score will be zero on the new accounts
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