Cash Back or Bonuses - Which Would You Prefer?

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If I were to say:

"Buy [insert product here] through my affiliate link and I'll provide you with..."

a) X amount of cash back.

b) Bonuses.

... which would you prefer?

If (b), what sort of bonuses would make you go, "ooh! ahh!"?
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    That's a tough question without a lot of specifics given. I'd opt for money back, probably.

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    As someone who manages an affiliate program with several thousand affiliates... please, neither. We prohibit incentives in our program terms for a reason. People will sign up through your link that don't really want our product, then request a refund. And you'll attract all the scammers with stolen credit cards -- we'll lose the money, if the chargeback comes soon enough we'll take back your commission, and you could be stuck having paid out cash back on money you don't really have.

    Just double check the terms of whatever you're promoting. Unless incentives is part of their marketing plan, they probably prohibit it too.
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    I would put both cash back and bonuses with 30 days apart before they receive it to avoid refunds.


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    Thanks Dan. Yeah, I was looking in to that... specifically on some CJ affiliate programs. Didn't find anything specific, though I didn't dig too much.

    One thing is for sure. The money back wouldn't be offered until the refund period is over.

    PS: Did we talk about this before? Montgomeryville?! That's so close. I'm like 30 minutes from you, if that!
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    Offering cash back can get you booted from a number of affiliate programs, so make sure you do your homework, and be sure it's allowed. From a vendors perspective, I wouldn't want people doing it, as it devalues the product.

    While I wouldn't mind cash back, it's often easier as an affiliate to show a greater perceived value in a bonus you offer.

    The whole cash back thing gets sketchy real quick too... it can fast become a race to see what affiliate will operate on the lowest margin. Yuck. It also adds another layer of complexity for you as an affiliate... keeping track of who has received their cash back and who hasn't. You surely don't want to give a chunk of your profit to someone and have them refund.

    Offering a bonus requires much less tracking and book keeping, and you aren't really out anything if they refund unless it's a physical product you offer as a bonus.
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    Very true Mike. I'm sure plenty of people would try and pull a last minute refund as well as an attempt to grab their cash back (perhaps on the 29th of 30 days). Appreciate the comments.
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    I would like a cash back option along with a few bonuses like an extra ebook or video tutorial.
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