IS Amazon becoming saturated?

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Is building Amazon affiliate sites becoming saturated?

No, I am not talking about thin niche sites.
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    I don't see how they could be, the number of people building good sites is much lower than people actually think. Throw the plethora of niches that can be entered on top of that and physical affiliate product sales through Amazon is still a very empty market.
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    NO, not that I can see, I am still getting sales through without a problem
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    There's so many niches on Amazon that there's always products to promote. I've noticed more and more recently though that Amazon are ranking highly in Google for product keyword searches so people will tend to go direct to Amazon rather than to another site first unless you're offering something really different and unique.

    There's definitely still money to be made from it if you've got the right niche and product though.
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    In my opinion, I would say NO. I think it's more like Amazon are making other "internet providers" saturated.

    Maybe a few years time things might change.. I don't know.. but for now, it's definitely not the case.
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    It's not becoming saturated because products are continually being released. It's becoming harder because big authority sites have more weight in the SERPs now than ever and with the introduction of Google shopping, it will make it even harder to get traffic to your site. SEO should only be one part of your traffic generation though.

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    Originally Posted by TheNewGuy2010 View Post

    Is building Amazon affiliate sites becoming saturated?
    I don't think building sites which refer prospects to Amazon is saturated.

    Building formula sites using the same templates, products and keywords as every other associate who bought the same manual?


    That's the problem with taking 'rinse and repeat' and 'copy success' to extremes (collectively). Repeat too many times and the shampoo bottle is empty and your hair falls out...
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