Reached plateau selling a product online. Suggestions please

by amunt
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I have a site that sells a Spanish video course which I designed myself. After a year or so of selling, it has plateaued at about 200 visitors a day and about 2 or 3 sales ($17.99 per sale). 90% of visitors are from youtube where I put sample videos. I've tried other social media, but without much success. Adwords is too expensive per click for this sector.

Any ideas how to move things on a get more traffic?

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    Try advertising in non-Spanish speaking countries, where people want to learn Spanish, another option is to offer a free gift if they buy the course
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    There are many ways to reach out to more audience. Video marketing like what you did is definitely one of the ways.

    Perhaps, you could also try doing

    1) press-release - very affordable if you were to outsource, FREE if you were to write it yourself.

    A lot of people are not seeing success with PR because they are simply doing the wrong thing, I strongly suggest you head over to youtube or google to do educate yourself a little first before submitting a PR.

    2) Guest-Posting to related blogs - It's FREE also! However, it doing guest posting requires you to build a good relationship with the other blog owner

    Highly targeted traffic, FREE and increases your search engine ranking..

    3) Continue doing video marketing. If most of your visitors are from youtube, then you're definitely doing the right thing. Why stop doing something that's working? Create more sample videos, enhance and improve your current one... Remember to add a link back to your description box too.

    Just my opinion, I know there are many more ways to drive traffic, these are few that I personally like. Hope this help, good luck in your business... never give up!

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  • So you've plateau'ed at 200 visitors per day netting you around $40-$50 per day, right? that averages at around $0.20 per visitor.

    The problem is that $0.20 is probably not enough to pay for further more traffic (Adwords, banners, solo mailing campaigns, etc). In order to expand your traffic, you need to pay for it, and that means that you need to boost up your dollar-per-visitor ratio so you can afford paid campaigns.

    That should be your focus now: search for suitable upsells, cross-sales, high-ticket Spanish DVD courses, etc. Whatever it takes to bring that dollar-per-visitor ratio up. A $0.20-per-visitor site is difficult to scale up.
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    Guest posting is highly recommended. I remember Craig Ballantyne, the creator of Turbulence Training, posted a guest post on the official Truth About Abs blog. This not only gave him more traffic, but a huge opportunity to get more customers. Yup, go and guest post. It is the best thing you could do.

    I would recommend selling it as well Via Clickbank, and then messaging different blogs on Spanish topics be an affiliate to earn cash for every sale that they make. Hope this helps!
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    Brilliant, inciteful suggestions! Thanks, much appreciated.
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    Try getting more testimonies from your customers. That should probably increase conversions some. Also, add a few social buttons like LinkedIn and Facebook Like
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    And never stop at one website. Diversify whether you are doing it or not at present.
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