Do you know Paid Advertising, Need your advice on it please

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Dear Warriors,

I have been dependant on SEO mainly. I have been advised by many people to start using Paid Advertising to generate more revenue.

I am seriously thinking to go ahead with it But the problem is that I have never used any sort of Paid Advertising and I know nothing about it. I am sure it will help me a lot to generate more revenues and that is what I want.

I need advice on 2 things;

1. How do I learn paid advertising. Is there any course / tutorials or anything I need to learn from or in other words how you guys have learnt paid advertisement?

I have advised on this forum to follow some gurus, I completely forgot their names.

2. Which platform is the best one; Google Adwords, Face Book Ads or any other? [in your own experience]

I will really appreciate your suggestion as it will help me make a final decision on what should be my next step towards paid advertising.

Thanks in advance.
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