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Hey Warriors,

I'm creating "explainer" videos for our website.

Here's an example of what I'll be doing:

The problem with creating these videos is I cannot draw. Not even a little bit. I've looked at getting a membership at but then the problem is that I don't get consistent drawings or consistent characters.

For example: Let's say I have a guy at the start and he's scratching his head because he can't figure something out. I can find that at no problem. But then what if that same character then does something different in the next scene. Maybe he's cutting the crass or walking down the street. That would be a totally different character and style of picture. No good for branding and overall flow of the presentation.

I'd hire a graphic designer but here's the problem: What if I'm in the middle of doing a film and I realized I need one simple picture. I have to then stop, email the designer and wait. If it's a Friday I might have to wait until Monday. Not very efficient. Not going to work for me.

What I need is a program where I can create a character then I can manipulate him into positions. Then while in those positions I could either take a screenshot or save as an image file and print out. Bam!

The character can be really simple, Basically a 3D version of a stick man just a little more professional.

Do you have any ideas of websites or programs that I could use? I do have Adobe CS4 with Photoshop if that matters.

Any ideas would be great

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